Octave Cat SRM


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2.0 (Updated 19 years ago)
June 24, 2000
Reaktor 5 or lower


Version 2.0 of my recreation of the Octave Cat SRM synthesizer. 2 VCOs, mixable waveforms, VCF with self-resonating capability, auto-trigger, Sample & Hold, and more. The new version adds a MIDI/Control Voltage switch to control from either MIDI or internal Reaktor events such as a sequencer. Other new features are audio input to filter, MIDI control parameters assigned to every knob and various optimizations. It comes with 50 presets mostly useful as avant garde sound textures and a text file with some history and programming tips.


Paul Mcgee
11 years ago
thank you
ian finegan
15 years ago
za reeeet captain
didier soufnenguel
16 years ago
Very nice sounds