Ampere Addenda

Additional modules for Chet Singer's Ampere Modular set

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1.3 (Updated 8 years ago)
May 27, 2011
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Over the past year or so I've been cannibalizing/modifying/creating my own 3rd-party additions to Chet Singer's superb set of Ampere Modular modules which conform to his standards of pitch and modulation scaling and graphical layout. About a third of these are original work; I've tried to give credit for the rest.

Version 1.3:

- Additive Oscillator
- Microwave Oscillator (based on Additive Wavemaker by Riccardo Ferri)
- Stereo 4-Octave Pulse Oscillator (rejiggered for slightly more efficient pitch assignment)
- Stretch Tension Oscillator (both updated to reset partials' phase upon receiving new MIDI notes)
- Varophon Oscillator (added triangle pulse waveshape and revised to produce less aliasing)

- Polymoog Resonator

Envelope Generators:
- Shapeable ADSR Envelope

Modal Exciters
- Modal Bow Exciter (removed unused structures in oscillator)
- Modal Scraper Exciter (simplified ADSR envelope. Probably neither of these revisions will have an appreciable effect on CPU load, but they should spare a few cycles nevertheless)

Version 1.0:

- Polyphonic Amplitude Scope
- X/Y Mouse Controller

- 32-Sine Cluster (revised with Sine Bank module for better performance)
- Additive Oscillator
- Sample-based Alpha Juno Oscillator (based on oscillators by William Dash)
- Analog Oscillator (revised with some of herw’s oscillators for slightly less aliasing)
- BLIT Oscillator (based on oscillators by Shohei Sato)
- D-50 Oscillator
- Staircase Oscillator
- Stretch Tension Oscillator (revised with Sine Bank module for better performance)
- Subharmonic Oscillator (based on a design by Luca Capozzi)
- Subtractor Waveform Oscillator
- Wavetable Oscillator

- 4x1-Pole Filter
- 4-Pole Filter (revised for better performance)
- Basso Lowpass Filter (based loosely on the filter in Jonathan Style’s Basso XT)
- Chebyshev Filter (based on filters by Jan Brahler)
- Classic 4-Pole Filter (revised with a modified version of the Junatik filter)
- MS-20 Filter (based on filters by Shohei Sato)
- Stereo 4-Pole Filter (revised for better performance)
- Vowel Filter (based on a filter by Martin Brinkmann)

- 2-Way Crossover (revised for more accurate phase response)
- 3-Band Parametric EQ
- Stereo 4-Band Parametric EQ
- Tilt EQ

Envelope Generators:
- Free EG (based on the one from Carbon 2/Oki Computer)

Gain Controllers:
- Widening Gain

- Vector Mixer

- Clipper (revised with a display)
- Raise to Power (revised with a display)
- Rectifier (revised with a display)
- Wave Multiplier (based on a design by Kim Boestrom)

- 8-Bit Mask (based on Chris List’s bitstortion)
- Bit Crusher (revised with a display)
- Sample Rate Crusher (revised with a display)
- R66 Reverb (based on a reverb by Martijn Zwartjes & Martin Jann)

Pitch Processors:
- Frequency Shifter (based on a design by Sean Costello & Jesse Voccia)


Rowan Eldritch
3 years ago
Epic Work.
Donald Baynes
5 years ago
great stuff !! looking forward to your blocks
6 years ago
Extremely great work! For one thing, I love the organization of the original Chet Singer ensemble. Couldn't you have done it in the same way as it was in his ens? :)
Ryan Dean
8 years ago
Incredible additions to an already outstanding collection-the stuff of dreams! ehdyn
jörg thiele
8 years ago
thx....nice work!
Oleg Shulga
8 years ago
Now it's fixed. Thank you Sandy. Much appreciated.
Sandy Small
8 years ago
Once more, with feeling...
jörg thiele
8 years ago
It's not fixed...sorry :-)
Sandy Small
8 years ago
Sorry, I uploaded the wrong file before. Should be fixed now.
jörg thiele
8 years ago
where is version 1.1? I don't see anything new....
Oleg Shulga
8 years ago
Yeah, I have the same problem - attached ensemble doesn't have changes announced in 1.1 update. Sandy Small could you please fix it. Thanks!
James Cunningham
8 years ago
(I meant:) ... in the included ensemble.
James Cunningham
8 years ago
I just downloaded this and don't see the new modules in the included modules.
Oleg Shulga
9 years ago
Thank you!
9 years ago
Great work. Nice to see this part of the library grow so nicely. I see some usage of sine banks made it in here.