Particlesynth 2012

Particlesynth anniversary

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1.1 (Updated 9 years ago)
December 28, 2011
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Hello, this is an anniversary version of Martin Brinkmanns Particlesynth. He created this ensemble ten years ago and its still useful these days. Because i'm working on a high resolution monitor i enlarged the ensembles gui and the waveform display and arranged the knobs around it. I added the tube stage by S.Millward and a master volume stage to have levels stored with the snaps. I created a new sample map as well as some new snaps that have a nice pad character. There are also some free slots for user samples and i recommend using them with your own field recordings, bits and pieces. It's great fun!

Some users (including me :-)) experienced crashes while editing graincloud sample maps.
A possible workaround is to switch off Reaktors engine while working on the maps

A happy new year to all of you…!


Peter Trimbacher
9 years ago
I really liked the first one and now i cant wait to try this update out, thanks a lot for this lovely ensemble.
Gennaro Giugliano
9 years ago
Hi Stefan,many thanks for your ens share.Happy new year 2012
yannick Le Déan
9 years ago
really cool update, thanks and happy new year too !
9 years ago
Yes Stefan, it's also right to switch off while loading in some great beasts
Mikko Renko
9 years ago
Just tested MB's old one. Pure sheer crazy granularity like this. Happy new year!