51 vintage rhythm composers with random selection and effects

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3.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
April 18, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Xdrum3 is a sample based rhythm composer for reaktor 5.6.2
It has more than 870 audio samples 74MB (29MB zip) from 51 vintage rhythm composers, and then 13 aditional soundsets.
Besides that it has more than 120 classic and electronica preset patterns.

big inspiration from:
LIME.lite v1.1
by Jörg Remmer Müller

stuff copied:

by Vitaly Zolotarev

exciter the Fixer v1.1
by Flemming Bloch

martin brinkmann

Fast FX
by Lazyfish

and others....

fixed issues from Xdrum2:

pitch change won't save
hold on midinotes for all pads
all mono modules
less real estate

new features:

no22 added with korg minipops mp7 samples
no36 roland tr808 replaced with better samples
no37 roland tr909 replaced with better samples
no47 yamaha pss140 replaced with yamaha mr10
no50 zdiy circuit replaced with yamaha ry30
no51 zdiy klingklang replaced with wersi wm24
no53 zdiy human some samples replaced with other diy

30db on volumes faders in stead of 20dB

midi output from step sequencer note 35 to note 51
midi input hold on note on

three new effect copyed from Fast FX by Lazyfish

freeze effect on C3 / note60 / keyboard "Q"
loop on controller 2
spin on controller 3
spin time on controller 4
jitter on controller 5

grainslice effect on D3 / note62 / keyboard "W"
slice a on controller 6
slice b on controller 7
lenght on controller 8
lenght mod on controller 9
random x on controller 10
random y on controller 11
slide on controller 12
slide mod on controller 13
asym on controller 14
decay on controller 15

slice modulation effect on E3 / note64 / keyboard "E"
slice a on controller 16
slice b on controller 17
sncvar on controller 18
rev a on controller 19
rev b on controller 20


01 acetone rhythmking
02 akai xr10
03 alesis hr16
04 boss dr110
05 boss dr220e
06 boss dr550
07 c64 sid
08 casio mt500
09 casio rapman
10 casio rz1
11 cheetah specdrum
12 emu edrum
13 emu sp12
14 gem drum15
15 hammond autovari64
16 kawai acr20
17 keio checkmate
18 korg ddd1
19 korg ddm110
20 korg kpr77
21 korg kr33
22 korg minipops
23 linndrum 9000
24 mattel synsonic
25 mti ao1
26 mxr 185
27 oberheim dx
28 pearl drx1
29 roland tr707
30 roland cr78
31 roland cr8000
32 roland r8
33 roland tr33
34 roland tr606
35 roland tr727
36 roland tr808
37 roland tr909
38 sakata dpm48
39 sequentialcircuits drumtracks
40 sequentialcircuits tom
41 simmons sds9
42 simmons sds1000
43 technics ax5
44 vermona drm1
45 visco spacedrum
46 wurlitzer swigingrhytm
47 yamaha mr10
48 yamaha rx5
49 yamaha rx15
50 yamaha ry30
51 wersi wm24
52 zdiy hiphop
53 zdiy human
54 zdiy nudge
55 zdiy switch
56 zdiy electric
57 zdiy electro
58 zdiy proton
59 zdiy glitch
60 zdiy electron
61 zdiy fm
62 zdiy ocsing
63 zdiy analog
64 zdiy effect

haiku specifications................

51 vintage drumboxes
13 diy soundsets
16 pads
120 patterns

master box selector
random pads buttom
random pitch buttom
modwheel lowpass
global pitchbend

control by midi pads, modwheel and pitchbend
freeze effect
grainslice effect
slice modulation effect

haiku midi..........................

pads by noteon
midi output from step sequencer note 35 to note 51
sync to seq
freeze effect on C3 note60
loop on controller 2
spin on controller 3
spin time on controller 4
jitter on controller 5

grainslice effect on D3 note62
slice a on controller 6
slice b on controller 7
lenght on controller 8
lenght mod on controller 9
random x on controller 10
random y on controller 11
slide on controller 12
slide mod on controller 13
asym on controller 14
decay on controller 15

slice modulation on E3 note64
slice a on controller 16
slice b on controller 17
sncvar on controller 18
rev a on controller 19
rev b on controller 20

haiku manual........................

force all pads (master box) selector changes all 16 sounds.
find your flavour of soundset with force all pads (master box) selector
then edit individual sounds

random pads (red buttom) change all pads random.
but non randompad buttom can lock the pads.
random pitch (blue buttom) change all pitch random +- 1 octave
but non randompitch buttom can lock the pitch of each pad.
the redblue buttome changes both at the same time.

remember to save snapshot
snapshot is totalrecall of sounds and rhythm


february 2012.
Poul Vestergaard.


santiago trejo
10 months ago
Kisho Glunch
3 years ago
Thomas Clement
4 years ago
A real winner!
phillip bova
5 years ago
Brilliant work Poul!!! Now I don't feel so bad about selling my CR78 a few years back.
5 years ago
Love this one. Great work Poul ;-)
Lee Skeldon
6 years ago
Sweet......Nice work guys.
warren van schalkwyk
7 years ago
Real good quality :) one of the very best in reactor. thank u thank u thank u :)
Dan Wentz
7 years ago
Reaktor... The gift that keeps on giving! Amazing work!
Colin Webber
7 years ago
any chance someone can mod this to separate outputs?
Jerome Santiago
8 years ago
Super awesome you are a brilliant musician programer.
Julian Cafarella
8 years ago
I used the variety of Xdrum3 in my Soundscape "Labyrinthine Affect": https://soundcloud.com/julian-cafarella/tea-tar-affective to provide a rhythmic accompaniment by running through the range of snapshots you have provided and then holding to the same one making for rhythmic contrasts. Many thanks for your intersting and productive upload!
Der Einmeier
8 years ago
Still an instant classic!
8 years ago
Great work!
Nestor Watson
10 years ago
thank you
Karel Skakal
10 years ago
A Monsterpiece:-) 10++++++++++ Thank you
Sandy Small
10 years ago
Very nice work, and the sample set is terrific. I have one question though--what are all the delays with disconnected Dly ports for? The function eludes me, and they cumulatively take up a ton of CPU.
10 years ago
one .. two .. free
Poul Vestergaard
10 years ago
Hi Michael You can don't need a drop down menu. Just click in the masterbox field (with names of the kits) with left mouse buttom down, and move the mouse up and down ! :-) Poul
Michael M
10 years ago
Poul, thanks for uploading there are some great improvements here. If I could make one small complaint though, it's that there is still a +/- button to select kits rather than a drop down. It makes it hard to select an exact kit when you have to +/- all the way through to find something. One again though, thanks for a great upload!
Poul Vestergaard
10 years ago
Hi Richard. Thanks for your response. I have made a new update version 3. Following issues has been fixed: pitch change won't save hold on midinotes for all pads all mono modules new gui with less real estate I like the total recall thing, so you don't have to save several places. Just remember to save snapshots when you get something usefull. Kindest regards Poul Vestergaard
Richard Caceres
10 years ago
This is great, as everyone above has said. After giving it a try for a couple hours (and recording a couple quick tracks) I have a suggestion: It would be great if the rhythm patterns could be loaded independently just like how the sound-sets can be independently. I found that I would get the effects and sounds how I like the, but then when I would load a new snapshot for the rhythm, I would lose all my sounds. I wonder if you could split the ensemble to be 3 instruments: 1 part for the sequencer, 1 part for the sounds, and 1 part for the effects. Nice work!
thomas schröter
11 years ago
sorry i listen to this machine thank you for sharing
thomas schröter
11 years ago
great work geil
Michael Propst
11 years ago
incredible amount of work that must have gone into this. thanks.
year zero
11 years ago
brilliant. thank you so much!
Steve Bramhall
11 years ago
Hi there first off this is amazing. i have just knocked my self up a custom beat and I'm really feeling it. i,m new to reaktor and have d loaded a lot of ensembles and effects to try and get a feel for how things are done. basically for me the only thing XDRUM2 lacks is a multiple output I've noticed it is possible to get 4 stereo out in reaktor and would love it if you could split the kick, snare, perc , (rides added bonus but could be in perc). now originally i added 3 versions of xDrum and ran it through another mixer with separate eq per channel(this is all in 1 ensemble)which worked nicely but i then soon realized this would still give me the same problem ( 1 single out in cubase. i do realise you have a mixer or channel per drum but for further processing it would really help to separate outs. my second attempt was to create 3/4 versions and simply connect out 1+2 then 3+4 then 5+6 but this creates a patch that maxes out my computer (core 2 quad 4 gig of ram windows 7)so as a long shot i was hoping you could help me out with this i have had a look at the structure but i,m not sure what does what if i could find the kick cell i could set it to out put 1+2 then the snare i would do 3+4 and then i would just need to know the rest and those would be 5+6 (rides/crash 7+8 again bonus). again let me just state how impressed i was top features 49 kits of drum machine (brilliant) force all pad to set (number) for easy access to kits without snapshot2 (brilliant) easy to use nice gui, cpu, friendly shuffle function works brilliantly to create nice grooves rather then gridded hats.
Miro Pajic
12 years ago
does anybody have suggestions on how to lower the CPU? this thing is really fun to use. absolutely love it!
Miro Pajic
12 years ago
Hell yeah!!! this is really, really awesome...will use alot for sure!! Thanks a lot!!
year zero
12 years ago
Oh wow!! This is going to be fun!! Thank you for your work
Marcus Lind
12 years ago
I just played around with it a bit. I like it a lot. The randomize functions are great. But what keeps me from really using it: I don't know how to create and keep several patterns in one instance. Did I oversee something?
David Skaugerud
12 years ago
Great work. I'm usually not into drum machines of any kind, but this was a total surprise--one of the best Reaktor user ensembles ever. I give it a well-earned 10. Thanks so much!
Alex Gold
12 years ago
great upload - fantastic job. have the 808 and 909 samples got background noise in your original files? have on my system. thanks
Mark Bonnington
12 years ago
Are the provided samples in the public domain?
Jonathan Evans
12 years ago
absolutely astounding.
matteo tononi
12 years ago
great great work
Olaf Bubel
12 years ago
love your great upload & work :) thx a lot to you, for this wonderfull smashing maschine ...
Leandro Garetti Ugarte
12 years ago
Congratulation for this Superb work!. Now I know what is the meaning of addiction ;-). Poul keep developing and don't stop sorprise us. Best. Leandro
Richard Pree
12 years ago
Brilliant work and very kind for sharing. Lots of happy people from your effort :-)
Joel Gale
12 years ago
Really awesome build. Thanks.
Poul Vestergaard
12 years ago
Hi all Thanks for all the comments and your enthusiastic response on the release of Xdrum. I have been working on this for 10 month (not fulltime). I have been dedicated to Rhythm composers since 1982. And a have moded and build my own hardware boxes since. Moby has a fetish for old Rhythms composer as well. You can find some interesting interview with him on the web. Some of the samples comes from my own Rhythm composers and other I have found on the web. My own soundsets mainly comes from this very good site www.freesound.org with a lot of editing afterworth. This is a new release of Xdrum called Xdrum2. There is 4 more diy soundsets and a total of 99 patterns. I Have made some new very cool buttoms for random selection of pad samples and their pitch. The red one changes all pads randomly unless the "non randompad" buttom is pressed. The blue one changes pitch for all pads randomly +- 1 octave unless "non randompitch" buttom is pressed. And the dualcoloured redblue one changes both at the same time. I have made solo buttoms for Nikolaos Galatsopoulos and Paul Crossman, and my self... To Michael Menary and Paul Crossman there is A panel (also in version one) that can be used, but this ensemble takes up a lot of real estate I know. Maybe I will do a reskin in the future and take it into consideration. Kindest regards Poul Vestergaard
12 years ago
Hey thanks!!!
Nikolaos Galatsopoulos
12 years ago
Fantastic!one of my favorites already! looking forward to the next version with a solo button?!? thank you!!!!!
Frank Dr. Schwidetzky
12 years ago
Awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing this. 10/10
Michael M
12 years ago
I like this - it's a great go to tool if you're not sure which old drum machine might fit well. Two small complaints though - takes up a lot of real estate, and it would be good to be able to select a kit rather than have the +/- buttons.
Tasho Nicolopulos
12 years ago
Amazing... but it's too big (Screen Size)... Some sort of stacked version would be great... NICE WORK
12 years ago
My first thought was that this kind of thing has been done to death and this ensemble couldn't possibly be interesting. ...I was totally wrong! I luvvz it! jw, where did you get the samples from?
Der Einmeier
12 years ago
nice gui, good sounds, VERY good snaps! bigup for this amount of work!
12 years ago
much fun
Kimmo Kivelä
12 years ago
O la la!
Al Watson
12 years ago
and a start dial on the seq to go with the end. i'll shut up now. ;-)
Al Watson
12 years ago
oh, and a solo button for each channel would be useful too! :-)
Al Watson
12 years ago
9/10. ensemble is instant classic. just the interface could use some tweaking, mainly because it wont fit on my macbook screen!!! the idea is great though. thanks. :-)
Michael Russo
12 years ago
An excellent upload. Ten out of ten.
12 years ago
monster , thank you
Jason Filipchuk
12 years ago
the rating does not go high enough to express how cool this is. reaktor is lucky to have this kind of effort to showcase the potential of this library. more than appreciated by this monkey. and i haven't even tried it yet....
Hanni Cramer Hanberg
12 years ago
Hi Mr. Poul Vestergaard - funky - looking forward to use tomorrow - Love the look..
David Waldman
12 years ago
Shai Levy
12 years ago
da bomb!
Dr. Ernst-Norbert Kurth
12 years ago
Mighty nice upload, kudos to you! Enk