Live Audio Looper 5 + skin

Audio Looper with sequenced pitch and slices.

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1.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
March 29, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Based on the original ideas of Santiago Vilanova for, and its further development with Nox, now evolves to a kind of raw audio looper, intended to be suitable for live use, controlled by an instrumentist as an effects processor.

No sofisticated DSP algorithmycs, no smoothness, only the intuitive digital model of a two track tape looper with one writing and four reading heads, each with its own independent pitch and polarity controls, and a straight 16 step sequencer for slices by position and pitch; multiwave LFO for fine tune pitch modulation or completely distorted head tremor, and amp modulation with env - for slices- or ramp and LFO modes, and all the "wrong" controlers we could fit: length and 0shift for destroying sync, pitch faders that mess with sequencer pitch - allowing to make a kind of defective scratching; unlabeled faders of uncertain effect (dividing the sequencer base length).

Time window defines the length of the global loop in musical measures (MIDI derived) from an internal maximmum length of 882000 samples.

Controlling the overall gain is left up to user.

Just feed it with some audio and start checking the intrument's snapshots.

Now with better GUI and skin by Nox.


eddie villarino
1 year ago
thanks 2021
Ignasi Alvarez Garriga
10 years ago
And special thanks to Norberto for this collaboration with him.
Ignasi Alvarez Garriga
10 years ago
Thank you all for the nice comments !!
Ronnie Holloway
10 years ago
very nice tool
Biswadeep Ray
10 years ago
Very excited to try this out
Ryan Dean
10 years ago
I'm a big fan of your work with nonlinear systems and this is a really exciting new trajectory from you. Getting great stuff with only sparse inputs and hope to learn to layer and better utilize all of the available bandwidth over time. Terrific ensemble, Thank you!
Norberto Sáez Perdomo
10 years ago
Gracias Andres, ya venía a ver si podía ayudar ;) Jan, do you have used the "Amp" section at the sequencers? It was intended to get ride of the clicks, try the ramp and env options. Ans thanks for the comment :)
Andres Jankowski
10 years ago
Muy bueno, lo recargue y funciona muy bien, felicitaciones
Jan Heinke
10 years ago
thank you for this great tool. it's very what i was looking for. one thing: i have no experience with the core level. is it possible to avoid the click sounds? nevertheless it's a 10!
Andres Jankowski
10 years ago
se ve muy lindo, pero no escucho nada