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A Muti Distortion Unit Inspired By Propellerheads Scream 4

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1.1 (Updated 9 years ago)
May 23, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Distortion


This is a Muti Distortion Unit Inspired By Propellerheads Scream 4.

The distortion Models are not quite the same but it has just as much power and the same type of feature set.

10 Distortions total.

1. Overdrive

2. Generic Distortion

3. Cabinet modeled Distortion

4. Tube

5. Saturator

6. Destroyer

7. Driver

8. Crasher

9. Reducer

10. Screamer

A 3 Band EQ

A Body shape Resonator

A Compressor.


I downloaded every distortion in the UL, 30 total and then used the best ones to build this Ensemble, so thanks to the UL and Reaktor user community for their creations.


cac acac
2 years ago
how to automate the eq faders?
4 years ago
awesome distortion. I just throw away all my tube simulators after played one day with scream. work like magic
mika miri
4 years ago
Download for Mac?
mad professor
4 years ago
Cool - Thank you
Luis Farfán
4 years ago
Amazing job, i love this distortion unit since Reason 4. Infinite thanks.
Alex Flynn
4 years ago
Free only if you pay for Reaktor 6?
Dave Leek
7 years ago
You are my hero right now. Scream4 was my favorite distortion effect when I used Reason. Now I can finally have it in my other DAWs. Or at least something close enough. Great job on this.
michael o'hagan
9 years ago
Drew Lovett
10 years ago
how do you load it into the reaktor? this file?
Clemens Richardson
10 years ago
Awesome distortion collection!
takashi moriyama
10 years ago
I love this
10 years ago
That's Loki for distortions .. thanks.
Jonathan Loeb
10 years ago
Super useful. Swiss Army knife for distortion. Sounds fantastic at 176400.
Mario Moreno Millan
10 years ago
Thank you friend! Good Idea, good talent. : ) Regards from Mexico.