Voice Mode Selector

With true leas-recently used voice selection in mono and unisono modes

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1.7 (Updated 8 years ago)
June 04, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower


From the metamusic series.

* Switchless selection of poly, mono, and unisono modes (no click when changing mode).

* In mono and unisono modes, it changes to the least-recently played pitch when more than one voice is playing a note, and then one voice stops playing, regardless of the sequence of prior note-on and note-off events. That is not the case for the same function in the Native Instruments library's modules, macros, instruments, and ensembles.

* Stub for legato-mode control of envelope and glide.

* Scaled voice spread is storable in snapshot, rather than in instrument properties.

A demo ensemble in included with hookup for instant gratification. Documentation and desig change support is made available to Heavens*onEarth and Yofiel subscribers.


Yrjö Fager
1 year ago
Thanks! :) The Mono/Poly macro has been the only solution for a proper legato mode that actually works for me.
eynan ant
4 years ago
What can I do to turn off the glide? I can´t find where is the knob or parameter. Best regards
Jedinhopy Xelon
6 years ago
Velocity works better in "LRU voice" than "MonoGP".
ernest meyer
8 years ago
Thanks for the idea. That would conventionally be a separate module *after* the oscillator(s) for mixer pan in the audio path. This module is *before* the oscillator for *pitch spread.* Sorry for the semantic unclarity. I'll put an additional module for pan spread on the list.
Phil Durrant
8 years ago
it would be nice to have a version with Stereo Spread. Also Stereo Unison Spread available in Poly Mode similar to Logic's ES2 Synth - as an example - where an 8 Voice Poly Synth would become a 4 Voice with Stereo Spread if Unison is selected. Thanks for sharing.
ernest meyer
8 years ago
This is actually version 1.0. The server did not accept the first six graphics.