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June 30, 2012
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this is the result to my search to find ways to save money and dissect the many pieces of gear and topology's at which I so lust for.
I built this from 2010 - 2011 I've just been lazy to post it ;)

==the purpose==: Transparency for Stereo Mix's

- Gain Stages when needed
- Limiting according to my needs
- M/S in areas that I require
- various way's to manipulate the "sides" without cancellation
- various ways to create Harmonics and Sub sonic madness
- being able to see whats going on while in tranisit and after
- inserts on everything for internal gear or outboard gear
- the ability to save you $$$ and or destroy this thing to fit your needs ;)
- M/S crossover
- multi band M/S EQ

My most resent Project I used it on involved working with various Stems at a baseline of -12dbf to be later Summed and Post Mixed in Logic 9.

“American Addict”
“Feeling Shitty”

the Results can be heard on title tracks in the Movie by:
Director Sasha Knezev “American_Addict”.

on Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.


have fun!

message to:
"Audio Blueprint"

I never said I mastered G Webb's Album.
but I did do alot of Mixing on 80% of the album.
talk to Hayden if you have any further questions.

--Sketch Da Shaman (Lightside Muzik)--


Instrumental Native
7 years ago
This is masterpiece! It does miracles to sounds!
Audio Blueprint
8 years ago
Although we are flattered by someone taking credit for our work, You did not master G Webb's On The Rize! Check the credits at:
Kornelije Đuras
8 years ago
it's "mixes", not "mix's"
8 years ago
I will check it