Audio Core Event Watcher (ACEW) 2.0

Debugging tool for Audio Core Cells and Primary

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2.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
November 30, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a outdated version and was replaced by ACEW 4.1

Version 2.0 only exists for compatibility to Reaktor 5.8

The ACEW is a debugging tool for Reaktor 5.8.0 and above. It was primarily written to fill the gap of a missing tool for watching directly into Audio Core Cells (short ACC). By side effect, the ACEW also is a very powerful tool for debugging Primary structures!
The ACEW shows events in a time / port matrix with time stamp for up to 12 inports. For a better overall view, "grouped" events are colorized in same color. ACEW can be connected to monophonic and polyphonic modules / macros. The receiving voice channel is being selected on ACEW´s Panel.
Initialization Events are shown. Depending on the Initialization´s Trigger Source, Init Events get marked as "Init" (Ens Load, Re-Power) or "Re-Init" (i.e. Switch Reset).
Events synchronous to Sample Rate Clock also get detected and marked as that.
Simultaneous events are shown in the same column (time entry).
The ACEW is prepared for an easy handling of fast streams, including streams at Sample Rate.
No Send-Receives or IC Send-Receives are used (except "ACEW wireless for PRIMARY" Macro).
For a quick start, tooltips at every panel element and the Core Macro Inports might help.
Unfortunately, the ACEW can`t be implemented directly into Event Core Cells.


Mark Wadewitz
5 years ago
Many thanks to all for the kind words! For the 3.0 Update please visit
Jonathan Canupp
5 years ago
This has been a huge help. Many many thanks.
6 years ago
Really helpful debugging tool (also for PRIMARY beginners). Danke!
6 years ago
Great job, Mark
Colin Brown
6 years ago
ACEW 2 rules!
David Perlzweig
6 years ago
Thanks for this!! Im using it extensively.
6 years ago
a „must have” for every ensemble developer - many thanks Mark