Easy Pluck Synthesizer

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Dario Lupo
2.1 (Updated 8 years ago)
March 09, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


Two-oscillator synthesizer based on the creation of "pikes" and "plucks" with extreme ease.


andrew john
7 years ago
very nice sounds from this ensemble
Paul Jarrett
8 years ago
Wow...this and theBOX are two of the best ensembles I've seen in years. Looking forward to more!
Sven Kretzschmar
8 years ago
Hello Dario. Sound and design are absolutly fantastic. For a long time again a superb Padsynth. Unbeatable. I'll let all of you incorporate two synths in my production. I have the same problem .. just like DAnilo Meissner. I cannot safe a new snapshot. Am I stupid? :-) Can someone please help ? Thank you and thanx Dario for this wonderful Soundscapes-synth !
Dario Lupo
8 years ago
Thank you guys!!
Gavin Hislop
8 years ago
Brilliant engine, and elegant GUI.
Adam Borkowski
8 years ago
looks and sounds great.
Dario Lupo
8 years ago
Yes it's me, thank you! =)
Felix Petrescu
8 years ago
bigups. :) great sound / great interface.
Forrest Gore
8 years ago
Are you the same person who made the original Piky? The ColorSpace guy? If so, I am SUPER excited!