TG-8H Live

A live-playable mod of lazyfish's TG-8H

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Rick Scott
1.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
March 12, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


TG-8H Live

This is a mod of TG-8H that enables it to be played live using the XY pad. (Point to the XY to see how.)

View A - original
View B - XY alone

Enjoy! :-)



1 month ago
Hi do you have any manual what is going on in this crazy instrument? Is there any way to understand howe it works? Another question: is there any way to control this instrument with midi controller? Can I map the controls to the stripes?
István Király
1 year ago
Shocking - so nice to see something unleashing the potential of Reaktor.
1 year ago
Amazing thanks
Greg Killmaster
3 years ago
I suppose this is asking a lot, but I'm using this ensemble a lot for my music and was wondering if it might be easy to allow snapshots to be changed using MIDI program change message? Ticking "Recall by MIDI" in the TG-8H Live instrument doesn't work for me.
Toby Stone
4 years ago
Marvelous. Thank you for sharing.
niru jp
4 years ago
very nice!
Giordan Battaglin
8 years ago
great live variation of the fully-fledged version
xxx xxx
8 years ago
Hans van Hagen
8 years ago
wow!! this is super! thx!!
Caj Ilotuuli
8 years ago
Fantastic sounds.
Nick Petty
8 years ago
very nice some things I had not considered, working on another variation now, thanks so much.
year zero
8 years ago
Finally figured out how to get this to map to ableton macros! yeah! right on. via this thread here: Amazing instrument! thanks for your work!
Kimmo Kivelä
8 years ago
Mikko Renko
8 years ago
Mark Osborne
8 years ago
This is so good. How brilliant. Thanks
Stephane jacquet
8 years ago
Ken Pierce III
8 years ago
great :)
Richard Devine
8 years ago
Rick Scott
8 years ago
M. Leboz, sehr schön von dir wieder zu hören. It's been a while, brother. :-)
Rick Scott
8 years ago
You guys should have a look at the feedback structures lazyfish uses to generate the complex, unpredictable flow of abstract sound he manages to get. They're in the tg and XFlow macros in the TG8 macro.
Dieter Zobel
8 years ago
erfreut zu hoeren, danke
Felix Petrescu
8 years ago
great stuff !:) thanks
Karel Skakal
8 years ago
...with a touch of genius:-) Thank you for upload