Sin-Shaper for the Modular-X

Demo Ensemble for a sine shaper

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1.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
April 21, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a simple Sine shaper for the fantastic Modular-X.

The Demo Ensemble is rather simple and I realized that I´m missing a couple of VCAs and a mixer...usual modular problems.

All the great modular stuff is by herw, I just took the build in reaktor sine shaper, added some controls and integrated it in the framework of the modular-x.

The shaper has two 3 connectors:

- the left input is for the audio signal. Most of the time you should feed it with simple waves like sines and triangles.

- the middle Input is for CV, normally Envelopes, LFOs,...

- right connector outputs the shaped/folded signal.

There are 4 controls:

- input controls the input amplitude. Since it also tells you how much you drive the shaper increasing this one will also add harmonics.

- CV: slightly confusing knob, but I like how it works: At 0 your amplification of the input wave is purely determined by the input knob, at 1 the amplification is input knob * the CV input.

- Offset adds a DC-offset to the input. This phase shifts the folded wave and can give you slightly sync like sounds. Take care, this knob will also add a DC-offset to the output...

- Clip clips the wave before folding, but after amplification and offsetting. This can give you slightly pulse- and square-wave like timbres.

All inputs take audio rate and are DC coupled, so you can also fold CVs and do ringmodulation...

Basically I wanted to add more stuff before releasing it, but I have no clue when/if I get around to that and I think even a simple shaper is a useful addition to herws mod-X family.


Matthias Schaffner
8 years ago
very useful, thanks!