some new modules for the modular-X

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April 27, 2013
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Some more new modules for the modular-X + a demo ensemble.

As usual: most credit goes to herw for creating the great modular-x framework.

The minBrain (thought I uploaded it already...it seems I did not):

This is a compact MIDI-input and final output module. I wanted to have a small module, that is quick to wire up for basic MIDI input and final output.

miniBrain has two mixable and panable audio inputs, that can be attenuated by an internal ADSR.

It also provides core MIDI-functionality: Pitch, Gate, Vgate (and an output for the internal Envelope).

Radio is a bit of a mixed blessing. Due to terribel core programming (by me, I should really learn how to program core one day...) and some odd functionality choices it is a bit of a CPU waster...

Anyway: Basic idea is to have a module, that facilitates FM. It also adds some other "tricks":
Basically you can

- set frequency ratios for outputs from one pitch input (don´t ask why I forgot to normal that one to MIDI...).

- add a frequency offset to one output and subtract it from the other (for floaty chorus like sound)

- Modulate the frequency by linear FM (AC and/or DC coupled or Ac coupled with DC depth control)

- Quantise frequency shifts for chiptunes and wavescanning like sounds

More documentation should be in the zip file.

Have fun!

The ensemble also contains my previously uploaded shaper and a slightly modified oscillator (added pitch default MIDI-pitch,if nothing is patched to the P input).