CZ-Dings (mod-X)

"borrowed" CZ-osci for the modular X

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1.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
May 22, 2013
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Herw for the fantastic modular-X framework.....really got me building again! Thanks!

Benjamin Poddig built the oscillator I borrowed and violated. If the Cz-Thing sounds great it is because of his work, if not it´s my fault.

I wanted to build an oscillator with a reversing sync. I failed (in an interesting way):

Basically this is Benjamin Poddigs CZ oscillator adapted for the modular-X framework (and a Demo ensemble with a couple of presets).

I added:

- a "fake softsync" (only does reversing sync with an internal squarewave osci.

- Phasemodulation

- linear through-zero FM

- exp FM (kind of)

- glitch

More (basic) documentation is included as a rtf file.


Benjamin Poddig
5 years ago
Good work. I will definetely check it out. Some day I will update the CZ-oscillator with better maths.
Michael Stocker
8 years ago
Thanks for the comment. Yes, this one got a bit crowded... I kept adding stuff and when everything was nearly finished I realize I forgot the waveform selection. It will probably stay like this for while, since I want to build some more simple stuff first and than figure out some more stuff (triggering real reversing sync on flanks of input signals, asymetric "driving of the sine wave, etc.), before I do ver.2. Anyway, it´s a real pleasure to work in the modular-x framework, since I can focus on doing one thing at a time and don´t have to think about modulation/routing while building it.
8 years ago
nice sounds - perhaps you should use a 90x24-container?