Juno-106 emulation

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1.2 (Updated 4 years ago)
May 30, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


The Juno-106 by Roland was the first (and so far only) real analog synthesizer I owned. I really loved that instrument. The one I owned had a silent third voice which wasn't critical for me, but then also the first voice broke and I wasn't able to get spare parts anywhere, so I sold it for a ridiculous amount of money.
This emulation features the same controls and features as the original one. The sound is as far as I remember very close.

The main synthesizer part and the first 28 presets are taken from an old NI-ensemble with some minor changes. Some presets above number 64 are taken from the Junatik-ensemble in the current Reaktor 5 library.

There are some differences to the real Juno:
1. The "MANUAL"-button enables/disables memory protection.
2. By pressing the "WRITE"-button a preset is stored to the current bank and patch number
3. You can't connect a tape recorder to store or load presets. Therefore I decided to use these buttons as unison detune control. Pressing "SAVE" gives zero detuning like on the original, pressing "VERIFY" gives slight detuning and "LOAD" gives strong detuning.
4. The bender can't be pushed upwards, to trigger LFO pitch modulation there's an extra button.
5. The envelope generator that controls LFO delay is polyphonic.

Almost all panel controls respond to MIDI control change messages. The Info Hints show the CC-number.

The instrument has monophonic Pitch-, Gate- and CV- inputs to connect sequencers. Although the inputs recieve only monophonic data, the instrument plays polyphonic if poly-mode 1 is selected. So it can play overlapping notes without cutting the previous note.

Comes with 128 snaps.

There's one bug with preset selection: If you select a snapshot via the instrument header from group B and then press one of the bank or patch buttons, it jumps back to group A.


Gordon Skene
1 week ago
Oh never mind, managed it (it was shamefully simple). Sorry, I panicked.
Gordon Skene
1 week ago
Hi, I'm a bit of a noob and am trying to get a software version of the 106 to take over to SXSW with me next week as I don't fancy putting the real thing on a plane. I'd really appreciate if someone was able to explain how this works and what I need to do/have to make it work. I've downloaded the file. Many thanks
Lavrin Shymin
2 weeks ago
is it need a serial? REAKTOR 6 Requests Activation When Trying to Load an Ensemble in MASCHINE 2
Boone Wallace
2 months ago
Dmitry Trukhanov
5 months ago
Holy balls, seems to be built completely out of primary-level elements, thing sounds like true 80s. Wonderful job!
Daniel Hogan
6 months ago
Thank you
Jimi Grant
7 months ago
Fantastic! Finally a decent Juno 106!!! Thanks. Everything working perfectly.
brice beasley
8 months ago
Hi, yes it is.
brice beasley
8 months ago
Hi, yes it is.
8 months ago
Hi, The 106 wasn't an anlaog Synth
Jamie Masters
8 months ago
monophonic, I mean...
Jamie Masters
8 months ago
I can't figure out to make it go mono. Any thoughts?
Ramunas Vabolis
8 months ago
Looks and sounds great, shame the GUI is so small.
Terry Griffin
1 year ago
Wow...this is what I've been searching for. My first synth was a Juno 106, way back when I was 15. As I have a family of musicians, the Juno got traded around the family a lot, and I eventually lost track of it. These sounds really take me back...
Joey Brocken
1 year ago
Love it!
Joey Peloso
1 year ago
Beautifully done! 5 stars man.
Ricardo Arangüena
1 year ago
stephan you did it man. I really like this plug in. Already in my arsenal :D
Alessandro Marra
2 years ago
works with reactor player??
Daniel Hogan
3 years ago
Great. Keeper! :)
Michael Propst
3 years ago
very good emulation of one of my all time favorite synths
Jeremy Farrow
4 years ago
very good work great synth great emulation
Lars Bo Hermansen
4 years ago
Thanks. I had a hardware Juno 106 that broke. This emulation sounds like a Juno 106. And it is an easy to use synth, which can create some sounds many will say is warm, or hardware synth sounds. Nice filter. Very nice work. I love the parameters is just like and works just like the hardware original. Junatik maybe arise from this. The same snapshots too. But this synth is like the original Juno synth. And with the same easy workflow. Good synth to learn some basic stuff. Lars Bo Hermansen
Murray McMurray II
4 years ago
Amazing! Thank you. Its just what I was looking for!
Nicholas Sullivan
4 years ago
wow, really close to the real thing! only real difference to my ears is the character of the filter. Well done!
Huen Alfee
4 years ago
Thanks for making this one ,so close to the real thing:)
Stephan Becker
4 years ago
@Karl: Thanks for the tip, but as I said I sold it in 2006 when I was a poor student and I wasn't able to afford spare parts & repair. In the meantime I bought another one, it arrived yesterday and so far it works fine :-)
Nicolas Jacques
4 years ago
One of my favorite ;-)
Karl Jansen
4 years ago
One of the voices on my Juno-106 just died, but I'm in NYC and there's an expert repair guy here and I don't think there'll be any problem getting the part. The required part is also on ebay apparently. I have to say, with the real thing sitting next to me as I type this, you did a pretty nice job (granted I am only just starting to explore it, but so far so good)!