Krakli S3

S3 Ensemble Synth

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2.1 (Updated 6 years ago)
June 25, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a Port of the Krakli S3 synth first created in Synthedit.
Apologies for borrowing the Phazor from the Eminent 310 ensemble. Hopefully there is enough new stuff here to make up for that. I did get in a knot with the effects routing and think that I need to better understand the output levels (Any advice gratefully received)

*Edited as the Noise osc was FAR too loud!


6 years ago
Krakli on Reaktor - what a surprise?
Sven Scherzberg
6 years ago
Very Cool love it. THX !!
yannick Le Déan
6 years ago
nice to see you here, nice one
Huen Alfee
6 years ago
This preset is so interesting!Thanks a lot!
Ian Webster
6 years ago
Thanks. I will be interested to hear how this compares with your previous experience with the S3 synth.
Felix Petrescu
6 years ago
good to see you joining Reaktor community :) i love and use your vst instr. Welcome :)