LongVerb is Long

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1.3 (Updated 6 years ago)
June 27, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


A "warts and all" reverb with a bit of pitch-shift, wobble, & saturation. Can make horrible noises (including self-oscillation), but can also sound rather lovely. Because you can run it near oscillation, you can make huge, nebulous reverbs ideal for dub or drone.

rev 1.1:
* Tweaked design to sound a bit smoother
* Skinned, re-arranged controls
* Made reverb matrix constants accessible
* Added a few pre-sets
* Auto-mute to minimise crunch on pre-set recall

rev 1.2:
* Added limiter as per Hans
* Made the pitch shift a little smoother

rev 1.3:
* Moved much of the processing to core modules - cut CPU load in half!


Michael Bourne
3 years ago
Fabulouso :)
ketil vestrum einarsen
6 years ago
I love it! I needed a reverb that misbehaved, for some drones. And this was 100 % perfect.
Hans van Hagen
6 years ago
After some tweaking it started to self-oscillate, it was terrible loud :/ , maybe a idea to add a limiter as latest module in the chain ?
David Frappaz
6 years ago