Early Krakli FM synth

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2.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
June 17, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower
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This is the first attempt at a Krakli* Reaktor ensemble. I freely admit that I have borrowed from others work here but I am learning as I go along. Any comments or help gratefully appreciated.

Now Edited with an improved GUI. Once I have added some snapshots I will move into the instruments area.

(* for those that don't know Krakli has been making synthedit based plugins for a number of years)


Ian Webster
7 years ago
Thanks.. I am working on an updated version of this as I speak..
Paul Weber
7 years ago
Digging the midtones of this thing. Reminds me a lot of BW urban scapes... Can I suggest the following...: 1) a master volume fader on the mixer 2) some level of basic instructions? I'd love to have the luxury of doodling time with your app, but alas life doesn't work this way :-/ Kind regards
Ian Webster
7 years ago
Thanks, don't expect too much yet, really early days for me with Reaktor
Georg Fries
7 years ago
Nice to see you here, Ian! I am a first-time customer of your Krakli works and still have them all. Will try this one out now :)