Krakli RMXR

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2.1 (Updated 7 years ago)
July 09, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


Krakli previously had a range of Synths grouped under the RM name. These used a Plucked String Oscillator as a modulator for an FM (PhM) synth.. I found this combination gave a wide range from gentle to (very) aggressive sounds..
This ens. is an attempt to recreate that architecture.. i would welcome comments and feedback as this is very much a work in progress.

** Updated now with Improved GUI **
Latest Version contains 40+ snapshots

Now Updated to V2.. with added Post Filter Env controls, A Hi-pass filter and Keytracking available to a wide variety of parameters
V2.1 has 64 snapshots


Charles Capsis IV
6 years ago
Sounds nice; Thanks.
Heiko Rother
6 years ago
Great to see you create Reaktor ensembles, Ian. I'm sure they're as good as your Synthedit creations. Downloading now. Thanks!
JPaul Morton
7 years ago
Very nice. I'm not familiar with the original. Sounds like a John Carpenter soundtrack
Ian Webster
7 years ago
The version with snapshots uploaded now. Prepared quite quickly but hopefully they show the sonic flexibility of this synth.
Ian Webster
7 years ago
Thanks.. It seems that small adjustments can make big differences to the sounds. I should have a version up with a selection of snapshots soon.
Paul Weber
7 years ago
Your synths always have such a unique voice! Looks deceptively "simple" and stripped down, yet beneath the surface tons of quirky things are there to be discovered. It's going to take some time before I learn how to use it properly Cheers Paul