MIDI arpeggiator and classic sequencer

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Dan Pasare
1.3 (Updated 6 years ago)
July 30, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Arpaerus is a MIDI enasmble featuring a classic arpeggiator and a classic step sequencer. The arpeggiator has up to 4 octaves up, down, up and down 1, up and down 2, random, and trigger patterns.

It has no audio engine so it needs to be connected to virtual or hardware instruments.

The sequencer has a variable 16 step line for pitch, two lines that control gate and velocity and three lines for #CC with options for smooth and stepped playback.

If the gate is = to 1 it acts like a legato if the instrument connected is mono.
If the velocity = 0 the note is not triggered (muted step).


James Hanvey
4 years ago
How do you connect the arp to a synth. Sorry, but new to Reaktor...
Dan Pasare
5 years ago
Thanks Paul Hi Lars The values of the gate sequence steps add on (positive values) or subtract from (negative values) the value set by the arpeggoator Gate setting. Before using the gate sequencer it's better to set the arpeggiator gate setting to 0.5. If the sequencer adds a value of 0.5 to that value the absolute value of the gate will be 1 and that will create a legato if the using a monophonic instrument. Actually to create a legato the added value needs to be slightly above 1. I'm sorry I don't understand what you mean by " have one port for each note value set in tempo". However, providing accurate musical metrics every time a note value is changed on the sequencer is beyond the scope of this ensemble. Let me know if you have any questions.
Lars Bo Hermansen
5 years ago
Hi Dan, The gates need some tweeking. The values go to low. Can'e trust them either. Can't trust the display either. The modulation section do i have a hard time with. I like the fact that in a mode you have a chord mode, so you can can set rythme to the chords you are playing. Very good. I have a hard time setting values. the logic thing as a user is to have one port for each note value set in tempo. That means 1 port for each beat in a bar. And a bar is a bar like in a real music score. Hope you can use my input.
Lars Bo Hermansen
5 years ago
Thanks A lot. This is fantastic. Making notes is a bit tricky. Hard to get the right note pitch and value. I will suggest maybe a menu to set both if you can't get it a little less responsive to mouseevent. More mouselenght to every pitch and note value shift could maybe solve it even better. The fact you can use notes this way is very good for us who can read and write notes, and you can maybe learn about notes if you do not. The note value could in that last learning aspect maybe have a display to tell lenght value it has. Thanks again.
Paul Harding
5 years ago
thanks for this utterly brilliant
Dan Pasare
6 years ago
Feedback for improving Arpaerus is welcome.