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Glisson Synthesis

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2.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
July 09, 2009
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this synthesizer explores my understanding of glisson synthesis, an experimental technique of particle synthesis, as written in "microsound" by curtis roads. this will allow you to be able to explore the magnetization patterns of glisson clouds.

thanks to Peter Whiting for an excellent multi-envelope macro that i hacked apart which helped in the design of this synthesizer. this has literally been "collecting dust" on my system for some time now; decided to finally share it.


Gotthard Ortner
5 years ago
This is awesome. It sounds very different. This is the point for creative working. Many thanks. Regards from Munich
Charles Capsis IV
6 years ago
Thanks for the complement.
Caleb Colpitts
6 years ago
Ive scoured the UL and web looking for abstract synthesis is this is by far the most interesting.. leaky faucet?!?! amazing recreation.. created a sound of lasers bouncing of a bubble-like force field, theoretically the exact sound it would make haha Best work in the UL
Charles Capsis IV
6 years ago
Minor update.
igor klaczynski
8 years ago
Exellent!!!It's the icing on the cake for my new tune.So usefull.Thanks alot!!!
Martin Rokis
10 years ago
Kai Lillich
10 years ago
This is very cool. I give it a 10! Thank you very much!
javier silverio
10 years ago
This is awesome! thanks for sharing it
Kimmo Kivelä
10 years ago
Jungle birds and apes and insects, Sci-fi or retro elektronics. 10. I already used it. Also, its easy and light to use. I´d really like to see this get further, not by adding any effects after but inserting something in there. Hmm....
10 years ago
Wow! This is fantastic, thanks!
10 years ago
thankls a lot. really nützlich :)
Simon Stockhausen
10 years ago
Good work!
john newman
10 years ago
this is great, just what i've been looking for to finish some tracks xx
Don Dailey
10 years ago
soundtracks for every sci-fi movies ever made could be done with this little gem!
delacouturiere hervé
10 years ago
yo very good one !! i will stay many hours my head in the dust..
10 years ago
Thank you very much!
David Waldman
10 years ago
SIDilicious! Bravo!
Chris R Gibson
10 years ago
Indeed, great to see these kinds of things explored and implemented by those with the skill to do so (the Curtis Roads is a great read and inspiration). Thanks for sharing your work :)
josh hinden
10 years ago
VERY COOL! Thanks a lot...endless blips and beeps. :) Thanks for sharing...