Cloud Atlas 1.0 beta

Grain Cloud Synth

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1.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
August 20, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Cloud Atlas 1.0 beta is a new granular synthesis ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor (Full Version). At the core we find two independant grain cloud synths with a distinguished wavetable each. Additionally two waveform oscillators can be mixed to the granulated samples to add basic tonality and richness. The signal path is shaped by a 4-pole filter (LP, BP, HP), an ADSR-envelope and can be modulated by LFO. The LFO also can be routed to the waveform oscillators and the final amping stage. After the synthesis a phaser/flanger module can be added to the sound. Finally a stereo delay and a reverb can be mixed to the sound.

The resulting sounds are unique and are especially very useful to create strange soundscapes and moving pad atmospheres. But also percussive and lead sounds are at hand. Due to the grain synthesis every key hit sounds a bit different and enriches the timbre of each preset.

Cloud Atlas 1.0 beta is still in the development stage, but for testing and first creative results it is released as a beta to the clement public.


Visceral Serenity
7 years ago
Fantastic synth! 5-stars! Thanks! I'm gonna see if I can make some good presets of my own in this thing. If I come up with anything good I'll post them in the user library. Also, I found a song out in the wild that definitely uses a preset from this synth. The beta of a futuristic racing game called Distance uses the preset "Ionosphere" for its menu song. Here is a video where you can hear it: Play a low C note and you can tell it is exactly the same. I just thought it was really cool that this synth is good enough to be used in big things like that. Reaktor community FTW!
julien MAUZAC
7 years ago
Thank you
Martin Roberts
7 years ago
Any ideas why the filters don't automate when used in Logic X? Beautiful sound though, I just wish I could put it to better use.
Bryan Lake
7 years ago
Wow! This is a gorgeous sounding AND LOOKING ensemble. Definitely calls for a second version. Perhaps a little smaller next time. Thing is huge! But lovely!
Felix Petrescu
8 years ago
very good / usable start :) looking for ze final ! thank you !
Jonathan Loeb
8 years ago
I like the idea and the sound a lot. Keep polishing!
Frank Meyer
8 years ago
Thank you very much for your input, Peter. I'm still digging my way through the rabbit hole. I permanently was aware of the high CPU load, but thought it's the grain clouds. Thanks for that hint. You're right with the volume. I realized it yesterday when recording the demo. It will take some more betas to make Cloud Atlas a final first version. I'd really appreciate your comments and support on the future versions. Cheers!
Peter Dines
8 years ago
Frank, this is a nice beta and has potential. Two suggestions - make the effects macros mono to save CPU, and turn up the volume in the presets. They're much too quiet.