NES Wavetable Synth

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1.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
August 31, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


Adventure Kid hosts a great free library of single cycle waveforms. Among them are a few from the Nintendo Entertainment System. These inspired me to create a synth in order to create sounds reminiscent of NES video games.

This is the first synth I made in Reaktor. I pillaged the Sound School Analog synth and a bit reduction and distortion effect from another user library creation. I know it's pretty amateur compared with a lot of the stuff on here, but I was pretty impressed with the sounds I could get out of it. I'd love to hear constructive feedback on how to improve it or better techniques to use in the future.

You can listen to a demo I made at http://soundcloud.com/scottmfr/pixelated
Or you can read more about it and my music at www.sublimesound.com


Ben Caesar
1 year ago
sounds fun
Machtigen Salas
2 years ago
Machtigen Salas
2 years ago
This sounds pretty great man! Thanks