Partial Modelling

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November 03, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


My first experiment into additive synthesis.
Messing around with ratio and amplitude control through LFOs and functions.
Highly unefficient, but capable of nice evolving harmonic landscapes, modulated bass sounds and spectral madness


2 years ago
Greg Killmaster
2 years ago
Thank you! This is so great...
Robert Skerjanc
3 years ago
Great model, this gives a good idea, about what additive synthesis is able to. Thanks for sharing.
Bill Thompson
5 years ago
Lovely one this.
Janto Lenherr
5 years ago
inspiring...ryoji ikeda style
Michael Liebner
6 years ago
thanks for this - very good!
David Heal
6 years ago
santiago vilanova
6 years ago
and, thanks for the comment Paul!
santiago vilanova
6 years ago
Hell yes! Audio output is going crazy when changing presets... and you need to be carefull with higher partials. Also there are cpu spikes causing processor overload, at least on my computer... i'll try to fix all that and upload a more stable version, as soon as work lets me do it...
Paul Weber
6 years ago
GET LOST!!! :-) this "thing" is wonderful! I agree it is not "normal" in any way (and will probably damage more than one set of users' speakers, hehe) but it is just so unique. Great work! Paul