Dark Matter

Poly Synth with Modulation

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S Bateman
1.1 (Updated 6 years ago)
December 19, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


Two osc Poly synth with six LFO's and Six Arps but all locked to certain parameters for ease of use.
Good for a range of thing from
evolving pads to dark basses.
Props to Salamanderanagram for his tutorials, which are always very helpful and inspiring.


GG.G SakabeaT
3 years ago
man,your synths are wonderfull
Ed Gelmetti
5 years ago
Very cool! Engaging once I got passed the "what the..." stage of how the modulators affected the tone - they're the heart of this synth!
Olaf Bubel
6 years ago
Yumi genius poly synth with modulation. It`s sounds nice to design dark spacy Horn sounds with a lot of hall ... cool 10 +
6 years ago
Very spacey!
S Bateman
6 years ago
Do you mean playing chords when the arps are running? If so I forgot to add a sync on/of switch, i'll sort that out in the next revision.
R Ben
6 years ago
i wish it behaved a bit differently...let me explain: if you play multiple notes, you hear the first voices' filters being retriggered as well by new notes as these are being added to the chord. i would love it if each voice had its own filter (and possibly, amp?). aside from that, fine gui and concept.
Paul Weber
6 years ago
DAMN YEAH! Simple GUI and not an eyesore. Musical. Perfect. Ciao
Karel Skakal
6 years ago
Thank you, great synth, 10+ from me. Happy Holidays.