Ingrid Ensemble

String Ensemble

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2.0 (Updated 4 years ago)
November 17, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower


+++Update 2.0: Complete new GUI for Ingrid; hope you like it!+++

+++Update 1.0.1: Correcting Chorus Ensemble LFOs' speed and amount+++

The "Ingrid ensemble" emulates the sound and operation of a classical string ensemble (also called string machine or string synthesizer) without any samples. So the three oscillators are phase-lock-looped designed; the ensemble chorus has two LFOs and delays.

I especially want to thank the members omx, lxint and PeterW from the Native Instruments forum. Without their help the ensemble were not there.

The Ingrid Ensemble takes parts from the Reaktor’s own ensemble "Equinoxe Deluxe“, re-designed, removed and modified them.


Gary Keane
8 months ago
Also, is there a way to map the sliders to Komplete Kontrol knobs? Having the ability to manipulate this with hardware while playing would be awesome!
Gary Keane
8 months ago
Aw man, this sounds so badass! Thank you!!
joao a vaz
8 months ago
Robert Sigmuntowski
3 years ago
@ Oli Ni: That's an interesting idea, but it is not recommendable for a "classic" string ensemble, because randomness can spoil the ensemble effect and then the sound is... umpf. :-)
Oli Ni
4 years ago
Great sounding instrument! Maybe a nice addition would be the addition of knobs to add some randomness to the parameters of the chorus (Ensemble) effect, in such a way the pattern doesn't repeat itself on sustained notes.