PitchKick (previously Sinebeats)

Specialized pitched kick drum generator

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3.0 (Updated 8 years ago)
February 03, 2012
Reaktor 5 or lower


Previously released as Sinebeats, but due to a name conflict with a pre-existing Reaktor instrument I decided to rename my creation to PitchKick.

Originally conceived as a basic psytrance kickdrum generator, from version 3.0 this instrument features keytracking, both on the oscillators and on the filters. This facilitates creating pitched kickdrums, used primarily in hardstyle and hardcore musical styles. Some have reported using it as a sequenced synthesizer.

This one-trick-pony was originally designed to generate a frequency modulated sine wave kick. This kind of kick drums is heavily used in psytrance, progressive trance & minimal techno.
The 'B' Panel reveals a custom made audio shaper to add extra punch. Extreme values will result in heavy saturation. Hardcore kicks are possible as well.
I recommend sampling the kick you like and triggering it from a sampler, this allows more control over the tail amp envelope.
It's a basic tool but something I wanted to make for a long time. Enjoy!

—update v3.0
- Added keytracking with scale adjust, pitchbend (mod wheel) and fine-tuning.
- Added distorted filter, with filter keytracking!
- Added custom shaper, for extra sonic carnage.
- Added sub channel to mix in the original pre-fx subbass for extra oooomphh.
- Brickwall distortion limiter to emulate overdrive saturation.
- Added 26 extreme kick snapshots.

-- update v2.1:
- Oscillators are now synced, so kicks are consistent every time. This makes fine-tuning the transition between Attack & Tail much easier.
- Added alternative Triangle & Square oscillators to create more variation or add slight distortion before the Destroy macro.
- Optimized Destroy macro
- Added new snapshot bank with 25 new kicks & more diversity in sound.
- Added fancy background image.

-- update v1.1:
added extra shaper models to the Destroy macro. '1' & '3' are very suitable from kickdrums, '2' & '4' are a bit noisier, more experimental. If you like the 1 knob destroyer just lift it out and save it to your library.


GG.G SakabeaT
6 years ago
hard core !!!!!
Hugo Contact
7 years ago
Hi Joeri, I have to thank you for the time and work you had making the older versions available at my request, sorry for the late answer. It´s working but I´ve not yet spent the time I would like with it to test it fully. Wish you a great 2015 doing what you like, all the best. Thank You.
Joeri Van Hove
8 years ago
@ Hugo Contact: thanks for your appreciation. Any older version of this ensemble (v2.1 or v1.1) would not have keytracking, distorted filter nor shaper options. Which version of Reaktor are you interested in? The first incarnation of this instrument was created in 2012, but I do not know which version of Reaktor it was originally created in (at least 5.6, and possibly 5.7) Updates to 5.7 and 5.8 are free so why bother using older versions? I will try to make the v2.1 available in the zip file, just redownload the package.
Hugo Contact
8 years ago
Hi Joeri thank you for your great work, is it possible to get the old version, one that would be compatible with lower versions of reaktor??
christian guba
8 years ago
Great Sound! Thank you very much
Nestor Watson
9 years ago
thank you
Joeri Van Hove
10 years ago
@Karl I've been thinking about something like pitching and it can be done by modulating the pitch control input on the oscillators (default input is zero, add 12 and you'll raise the pitch by twelve semitones). But I won't have time to work on it for the next few months so if you feel like pitching is a feature you absolutely need feel free to hack it.
Karel Skakal
10 years ago
Great sounding kick ensemble. Why are they not pitched? Is it possible? Like 1-2 octaves? Thank you
Joeri Van Hove
10 years ago
@Stefan: can you be more specific? Are you using the latest version (I'm on 5.6.2, on Mac OS X). My first guess would be to assume your sample rate is too low, so the tail of the kick is distorted (quantize distortion). You can email me a sample of the sound if you like at somnamdj[at]gmail dot com
santiago vilanova
10 years ago
I've been also developing a drum synthesizer called SineBeats! i just uploaded to the UL, but it is a totally different approach...
santiago vilanova
10 years ago
This is soooo nice! congrats!
Karel Skakal
10 years ago
WOW, besides great Kicks, it is also a sort of a sequenced synthesizer... Thank you for sharing...10++++++++ PS. NO zipper noise here.
Stefan Knauthe
10 years ago
Like it, but how do we get rid of this zipper noise at the end of every sound?
V. G.
10 years ago
The Destroy macro is really nice.