Woosh Box

Generates wooshing sounds

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1.2 (Updated 6 years ago)
January 11, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


A filtered noise generator designed for making an array of woosh sounds, transitions, noisy bangs, etc.

v1.2: Added more transition presets.


Lars Bo Hermansen
6 years ago
Nice little specialized ensemble. Thanks.
Mike Clarke
6 years ago
Thanks so much Bernd and Mary. Exxtraordinary contributions. You've both really brought this alive.
Mary Jean-Philippe
6 years ago
Yes Yes Yes, I'm used it, for lazer gun and spaceships, very usefull!!!! Thank you so (i have a present for you, the same instrument, with visual ;)
6 years ago
Mike, yours 34 snaps and my 72 = 106 patches for your wooshing box. That's it, real!
6 years ago
Hello Mike, there are 33 snap shots for your Pandora Box.
Kimmo Kivelä
6 years ago
Simple but useful.
Phil Durrant
6 years ago
nice idea for an upload - the User LIbrary could do with more Ensembles that create these types of sounds that are so useful for transitions and risers etc.