XYRPhi (modular-X)


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February 01, 2014
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This synth is based around my new XYRPhi module for the modular-X Framework.

XYRPhi is designed for automatic crossfading between four oscillators (or any other inputs). The crossfading is variable from stepping through a continuous fade to a constant mix. Obviously it works at audio rate, too :-) Since this would be a bit limited I added a bunch of other things...

Presets are ...let´s say not polished. Often it is a good idea to feed this with a sequence or an arpeggiator.

Modular-X Framework is great and by Herwig Krass. Check the framework for documentation how to build your own modular within the modular,
more great modules, instructions to build modules, etc:

Short history of XYRPhi:
The XYRPhi was motivated by a discussion (quite some time ago) on Gearslutz about the Rotor module of the (very cool) Solaris synthesizer. After a bunch of false starts I got something similar by combining a vector-mixer with four oscillators on the corners with a quadrature oscillator for x and y crossfading. Obviously a huge feature creep started after that.

Documentation is in the attached .rtf file.