Reverb and friends :)

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Bryan Lake
1.1 (Updated 7 years ago)
February 03, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


The reverb algorithm is basically just a stripped down version of Spacemaster with a few added bells and whistles, such as "Volume", which has a simple Attack & Release envelope hooked up to controller 64 (sustain pedal), allowing for volume swells without the need for a volume pedal.

I've been thinking about tinkering with the "Chorus" module (in future releases) and implementing an "Embed" feature that will switch from chorusing the incoming audio and "embed" the modulation within the diffusor chain, which (I imagine) would result in a "chorus-verb" effect similar to the reverb in Errorsmith's "Razor" ensemble, which I have a huge crush on :)

The "Tremelo" module has a nifty little "After" button that switches from modulating the overall amplitude of the incoming audio and instead modulates the reverb tail...a sound very similar to the opening guitar riff from "How Soon Is Now" by The Smiths. I prefer this setup as opposed to the more common serial routing situation.

The "Freeze" module has a button labeled "Infinite" that bypasses the "Filter Cut" module, which results in huge decay times that go on for several minutes. I would rather have used a "Grain Cloud" module like the one used in Guenther Fleischmann's "Ultimate Reverb" ensemble, but I've yet to understand how it works, so I took a more practical approach.

What can I say? I'm a stickler for keeping my ensembles as original as possible and I just don't feel comfortable squeezing other people's stuff into my own work. I'm just weird like that :)

Even though I started with a gutted Spacemaster algorithm, I feel comfortable taking credit for most of what you see here. I even did some work in a completely separate ensemble where I did a fair amount of experimentation phase shifting sine waves in order to perfect the "Modulation" section, wherein some metallic artifacts were bumping up against each other as a result of a global phase value being fed into each LFO module.

I tried to keep the front panel as intuitive as possible, routing the "ER/LR" knob to several locations in order to kill the feedback while listening in on the early reflection times since the entire feedback loop is running through a global filter, which is more CPU economic. I managed to keep it under 12% with everything switched on, but the reverb by itself takes up a little over 8%.

Anyway, I could go on for hours explaining every little detail, but I have a life to live and so do you...

I hope you like it. Have fun :)


Jason Chen
1 year ago
Really Cool, Thanks bro.
Umer Qureshi
3 years ago
Jean Louis Knapper
5 years ago
This reverb is absolutely outstanding!! It really lets you get the right reverb, where the original spacemaster will get you stuck, somehow. It also has great character compared even to some very well known reverbs. Thanks a lot for this!!