Herw Modular X Addons 3

Waveshaper and "Parker's Ring Mod" for Modular X Framework

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1.5 (Updated 6 years ago)
February 03, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Another very simple addition to the amazing Modular X Framework by Herwig Krass.

Waveshaper: I just put the standard Reaktor 2BP Waveshaper in a container with modulation options.

Ring Mod: Put the "Parker's Ring Mod" by Louis-Xavier Buffoni into the Ring Mod container.
Problem is it only works monophonic - I tried to make it polyphonic by simply adding one for each voice and splitting the voices, which works but takes a lot of CPU. If anyone knows how to make it polyphonic without burning the CPU would be very cool.
Besides that it sounds really great and can add a lot of analog feeling.
- on the B-Panel of the container you can finetune it and switch between Parker's and the regular Ring Mod (which, of cause, also works polyphonic).

Theres also an example build in the zip, roughly oriented at a Doepfer Basic System, which has some other small modifications:
-all Oscillators and filters are connected to pitch by default, LFOs and ADSRs to gate.
-on B-Panel you can switch between standard and Anti Aliased Oscillators and define the soft-sync rate of the AA ones, and the SCO 4 can be switched to a more standard AA supersaw
-filter containers can be switched to different filters:
-2- 2 pole filters
-4- 4 pole filters
-P- Pro 52 on LP, BH4 on HP, BL4 on BP
-M- Moog Ladder filter 2p, 3p and 4p on HP, BP, LP
-MIDI container has two CV outputs, cv2 can be switched to external input

Big thanks to Julian Parker and Louis-Xavier Buffoni for creating the very nice sounding Ring Mod!

And of cause biggest thanks to Herwig Krass for building one of the best synths ever!


Matthias Schaffner
6 years ago
1.4 Update: Big Bugfix... connected the ring mod to a last voice module to keep it working when using modulation on the inputs. Now everything should work correctly... also a few more qucik snaps
Matthias Schaffner
6 years ago
sorry about the updates... fixed a bug now on 1.3: Hi quality mode of the Ring Mod was not connected correctly!
Matthias Schaffner
6 years ago
And CAUTION: The Ring Mod container has a "ghost" output (I don't know why), this must NOT be connected to a send if you build it into your own Modular X.
Matthias Schaffner
6 years ago
Another small change in the example build: ADSRs velocity sensitivity can be set in 10 steps.