Synesthesia.2 (Hybrid Granular FM Sampler/Synth)

Hybrid Granular FM Sampler/Synth

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4.1 (Updated 7 years ago)
March 28, 2013
Reaktor 5 or lower
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New link for download and description of instrument:

Synesthesia has been a labor of love for quite sometime. There was really no one synth that employed most of the functionality I like to use. There are a few that come close but, most of the time I’m bouncing things to and from different instruments. If I want a sampler that had FM ability, I have to use program A. Then I want to granulate it, I have to use program B and so on. Not that I won’t still use these programs, Synesthesia just makes it easier to piece things together. The Synth is mostly geared towards making very ominous, detailed, and layered type sounds. Included are quite a few samples of my own that even make this sound like an “additive” type synth but, technically I won’t say it’s additive. You should have plenty of options with these samples but, the real power becomes apparent when you import your own samples into Synesthesia. Coupling that with Reaktor’s morph and randomize abilities… This turns into a very good “happy accident” machine. At first sight Synesthesia may seem a little intimidating but, there is also an easy to read one page manual included and every knob inside has detailed tooltip information. Just hover over a knob and see what it does.

Functionality of Synesthesia

4 oscillators with selectable types: Sin, Triangle, Pulse, Saw, Noise and Sampler. Each oscillator has an independent Dly-ADBDSR amp envelope as well.

All oscillators accept FM input except Noise. The Noise oscillator can still -send- FM. This is used and visualized easily with the on screen FM matrix. Meaning, no menu diving to fine tune the FM controls for everything.

Granulation abilities are possible with the included Grain Cloud effect.

When the sampler module is selected, each oscillator has 34 preloaded samples. The samples range from simple waves, to complex additive like soundscapes.

13 filter types: 2 pole highpass, 2 pole bandpass, 2 pole lowpass, 4 pole bandpass, 4 pole bandlimit, 4 pole lowpass, 1 – 4 pole ladder (modeled after the moog’s lovely filter sound), Pro-52 (modeled after the Sequential Circuits’ Prophet-5 filters and used in Native Instruments Pro-52 Synth), 2 pole notch, and 1 pole allpass. Filters operate in both series and parallel mode as well as having a fade option between the outputs of each.

12 modulators: 4 Dly-ADBDSR envelopes, 4 LFOs with an array of settings, and 4 sequencers.
Modulation Matrix with 10 slots, 12 Mod From selections, and 23 Mod to destinations. This gives the synth an array of modulation possibilities.

5 built in effect units: Grain Cloud Delay, Chorus, Reverb, Compression, and Stereo Imaging. Each of these effect units have a fair amount of tweak-able controls, many of which are modulatable from the Mod Matrix.

And to polish it off, a very ascetically pleasing interface to work with. Also, most controls are directly in front of you.

33 presets/snapshots included to get you going.

**Note: there is still one bug in this release, I’ll do my best to fix it in an update. On RARE occasion a NaN error pops up in the Delay unit, causing audio to completely drop out. To fix the audio drop out, simply use the power button in the upper right corner to turn Reaktor off and then on. This resets everything and it should be fine from then on after.

**UPDATE** 02-11-14

Version 2 is now available but, currently working out version 3; which is a massive overhaul with many new features.

Teaser list: over 100 custom wavetable oscillators, granular oscillator mode, new filters, new effects, Multi Breakpoint Envelopes, more modulations destinations, modulation modifiers and more. STAY TUNED !!!


Olek Fang
2 months ago
what happend with this ? does aynbody else have it and want to share ?
Sound Guy
3 years ago
Link dead, no ens in folder - April 18th 2018. Can anyone point to another source for download please?
jace cavacini
3 years ago
There's no ensemble in the zip, only PDFs.
Bob Swans
3 years ago
Any news on a working link for this, Thanks
chris mccarthy
4 years ago
Anyone have a new link?
michael testelin
4 years ago
Where is possible to find a new link ? is dead
Russel Uniliu
6 years ago
the website seems to be down the time I tried to follow the link. Any chance of a working download link or a mirror pretty please?
Michael Fitzsimmons
6 years ago
DL'd this one a little while ago and have been caning it ever since! Really, really great instrument this one :)
Mantra Ardhana
7 years ago
GREAT sound !!
Karl Gruenewald
7 years ago
The zip file seems to be corrupted? When I try to unzip it on mac, I keep getting errors.
Dmitry Trukhanov
7 years ago
hmmm.... sounds like a serious commercial thing, will grab this definitely
julien MAUZAC
7 years ago
Kyle Altenderfer
7 years ago
The link to download the actual ensemble is noted at the very top. Again, it is This is due to NI's website restricting the size of ensembles uploaded here. Sorry for the confusion.
michael lancaster
7 years ago
Down load folder contains only pdf's no ens??
Kyle Altenderfer
7 years ago
And sorry the versions are numbers are messed up here. Currently this is version 2, just to clarify. Have fun!
Kyle Altenderfer
7 years ago
Links have been restored and version 3 is in the works very soon.
Kyle Altenderfer
7 years ago
I'm in the process of actually finishing this. Sorry for the broken link currently. It will be in the main synthesizer area very soon. Updates in the works include: new custom wavetable oscillators (over 100), new granular oscillator mode, MBP Envs, more modulation destinations, and effects are being reworked as well. Link to the old ensemble is being restored to my new website and home. STAY TUNED!!! ;)
Fernando Manuel Rodrigues
7 years ago
Anyone knows where may I get this? I tried the link but it says "Server Not Found"
Christine Kludt
8 years ago
I will use this in Kontakt.
Franklin Morin
8 years ago
Very good project! I love the sound and the concept!!! ;p And you resolve my Knob problem for my projects... Thanks a lot!!! If possible to know where you give this Knobs? Really like your project and follow your work! ;)
David DeLizza
8 years ago
Demos sounded great, can't wait to play with it.
Kyle Altenderfer
8 years ago
It's been laggy lately for some reason.. I'm checking into it. Regardless, I just tried and it loaded the page and the download link worked fine. I guess try again later... :/
Paul Harding
8 years ago
download from your site not working for me. will try again later.
Kyle Altenderfer
8 years ago
Remember, goto to download. The download here is only for the manual. Everything inside the ensemble has info filled out with detailed explanations as to what each parameter does.