combinaison SPACIALE

dual phaser effect

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0.2 (Updated 8 years ago)
March 15, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
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I've been playing with Reaktor for a year now but have never bothered to build more than token ensembles. This is my first attempt. I was flipping through my record collection and saw Pizzicato Five's "combinaison SPACIALE ep" ( and looked at the cover. I thought "I wonder what THAT sounds like." This is my attempt at building what I can only imagine is a drawing of an effect--I don't know if such a thing has ever really existed. It does now.

Basically, this is a far-out dual phaser effect with two oscillators, two inputs (left and right channels, merged down to mono after all processing). My thought was to be faithful to the drawing, not show off what Reaktor can do.

If you like spaced out dub, or just really far out phaser effects, try this and let me know what you think.

Version 0.2 has no audio changes, just starting to learn how to do GUIs in Reaktor. I will try to make knobs and switches eventually.


Scot Bontrager
6 years ago early draft of a 4 phaser stereo effect
Scot Bontrager
6 years ago
@ adamstrange 3000 I was trying to see what this unit sounded like in its original configuration, which would have been two input mono (A/B) not stereo. I could make what you describe, but it wouldn't be this. I've got a newer version put together, using Core instead of Primary, but it doesn't sound as good. I'm not sure I've got the math right. And I lost interest. Maybe I'll make a quad-phasor/filterbank effect when I get some time.
adamstrange 3000
7 years ago
Why merge it down to mono since stereo sound a 100 times better. I have this as a plugin from audio damage and it sounds really good. I like to rewire some of these Reaktor units but this is an idea. What about putting together a version of this where you can have four phasers that are stereo and each one can be set to different tempos and each one can have a random filter for wild swirling madness.
Pieter Desmet
8 years ago
This is the Mutron Bi phase you can find it here Now if you'll excuse me I have a new addition to my spaced out dub set-up