Fun new Multifunktion thing for the modular-X

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March 15, 2014
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This synth is based around my new Wurst module for the modular-X Framework (with added support by the new +midi module).

Modular X (by Herwig Krass) is designed to allow a classic modular approach (with connecting cables etc.) on screen for editing presets. It allows you to build your own modules for the framework and Wurst and +Midi are examples of that.

Wurst is pretty much a multi-tool. You can select one of 23 functions by using a drop down menu. Each module has exactly one parameter (well, some have a hidden second one), that can be controlled by two modulation sources, an input (hidden parameter in some cases) and an output. It does a bunch of stuff from providing decay envelopes to mixing to oscillators...

Wurst is inspired by the synthesis framework of a well known Rompler/Sampler series, that allows you to combine small processing blocks for audio processing in arbitrary order and allows a lot of modulation, since pretty much every parameter can be modulated. Wurst is a simple and "dumbed down" approach, that has only processing blocks with a single parameter.

+Midi provides some MIDI controllers and 2 clock outputs.

Have Fun!
(detailed documentation in the .zip)


Matthias Schaffner
7 years ago
When Wurst comes to Wurst... Wurst Käs' Scenario! :D
7 years ago
Nice! Keep on expanding Modular-X ... :-)