Base Echo RE-012

Tape echo and spring reverb emulation

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March 31, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


This is not a proper stereo effect but uses only mono input (left channel) followed by mono processing and then output to both left and right output (mono in and stereo out). Driving the input level hard will saturate the pre-amp. Don't forget the bypass switch which can be used in combination with wild self oscillation when Intensity is set high.


1 year ago
Great, thanks
2 years ago
@the 19thbear: The noise can be reduced by turning down the Tape Age knob. For the other comments, I have to look into it. Thanks!
2 years ago
I'm getting zipper like noise when move the repeat rate. Also LOTS of noise on this unit. Much more than was in my real space echo. Also no way to get wet sound only. PRETTY PLEASE fix this, as i LOVE this machine:)+your other synths sound absolutely amazing.
Don Brown
2 years ago
Would be really great to hear a sample.
oli fant
4 years ago
Hello ZooTook, great emulation! You had time to look into it already? Would love delay only too.
4 years ago
@Jeppe. I'll have a look...
Jeppe Riddervold
4 years ago
Sounds amazing! One small thing though. Its impossible to get delay only. You always get the incoming signal clean, and then the delay after that no matter what. No way to have it 100% wet. I had a look inside the patch, but couldnt find a way to mod it. Any chance for a fix? Thanks:)
Ken Theodorsen
7 years ago
Adrian Burns
7 years ago
this is awesome! thanks
Ben Allen
7 years ago
Cheers for this!