Atmos Synth & Fat Bass

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1.0 (Updated 5 years ago)
April 11, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


for Grime | dubstep | Drum n' Bass | Electro


10 months ago
Waves from osc 1 and 2 are similar. Save map from osc 1 to hdd and load in osc 2. Don't forget to save the in R6 repaired ensemble again. In R5 is no issue.
Julien Thuiland
10 months ago
Same here
10 months ago
When i load this in Reaktor 6 it says "Some external samples cannot be found (75 remain missing). Would you like to locate /C/\Program Files\Native Instruments\Reaktor 4\AudioFiles/01 - BaseOct.wav now?"
Thor Jonsson
1 year ago
Fantastic, any patches available.?
Tagor Chilltribe
5 years ago
How is it possible to hostautomate this one in ableton Live ? unlike in razor f.e. it appears no contextmenu to acheive that.. any help available ?
unknown O
5 years ago
Ales Ferfecky
5 years ago
Big Up! This thing is sick! :)
Lars Bo Hermansen
5 years ago
Thanks a lot. A lot of possibilities here. Very good. Nice GUI in layers. Some info about some things like the 1 cut 3 knobs and the sub about what they does and about how things work together would be nice. Also info about picthbend and pitch. A pitch bend on the master pitch beside the 3 seperate pitches would be nice too. Just a suggestion. I see on that there are 6 synth in the package. We are still some who communicate without using twitter and facebook. Could you for us uploud all yhe synth in the package to the community please? Kind regards Lars