mlr-style Launchpad Live Looper

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13.1 (Updated 8 years ago)
April 13, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Legendary Live Octo Looper for Launchpad
by Sine Dubio Creative Studios

(C) 2013-2014 Casper Ravenhorst

full readme included in download;

How To Use LLOLL
LLOLL is a versatile live looper. It will work ideally with the Launchpad S. You can either set its master tempo from the first loop you feed into Track 1 (determined by the length of the loop and the bar count), or you can take the tempo from the Reaktor host and record/overdub a predetermined number of bars. Once a loop has been recorded, you can adjust playback tempo and skip to different parts of the sample. Using the Rec Select, you can resample a tracks output into a new track.
The button at the end of each row on the LP either stops that looper track when playing, or starts recording with current settings. Its cycle is thus REC > (RE)PLAY > STOP.

Some customisation might be needed to work with this ensemble on displays with 768 or less pixels vertically, also depending on DAW. I usually modify the mixer (top) instrument to 'Show Header' and then collapse/expand that all the time.
Does _not_ load loops from hard drive (like mlr). It's a live looper as in, it can record what you play, acts like a Boss RC unit, think Dub FX and many others.


CT Blaze
5 months ago
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add loading existing audio into the slots, and overdubbing. PLEASE
John Lancia
2 years ago
How to you actually record into the looper?
Edmund McGregor
7 years ago
Great tool. Tempo calculation on track 1 doesn't seem to work for me, but does on all other tracks. It would be great to be able to sync the tempo of other tracks from track 1 - as I see you've mentioned on your to do list! Thanks for sharing.
Manos Milonakis
8 years ago
regarding your to-do list, thumbs up for: fix looping bug (middle of sample), reset/clear all button, mixer mutes, red/green track status lights, top row buttons pages functionality… in an ideal world: retain normal functionality of launchpad, when run in Ableton Live as vst (only take over one page, for instance user 1 or 2 in LP's midi remote script) keep up your great work ;)