Replicant-Filters (Modular-X)

Showcases a new Filter-Module for the Modular-X Framework

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1.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
May 24, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


Just a quick "Hack" this time, that I build in the morning...

This synth is based around the new Replicants-F Module for the modular-X Framework. The Replicants-F module just "borrows" the filters from the very nice sounding Replicant synth from the user library by Shohei Sato. I just like the sound of those filters and different filters are always great. I included the Highpass and the Lowpass types in one module.

I don´t own any of the original analog filters, so I have no idea how close those filters are to the names.

There are two minor changes compared to the original Replicant:
- The EMS Filter, that is not active in the replicant is choosable now. I rather like it´s sound. Not sure why it was disconnected, it seems to work well and I like the sound.
- I enabled the resonance for the Ladder HP filter. I like the sound of this filter with resonance and you can always turn the resonance to 0 if you want "the correct"sound.

The Replicants-F behaves nearly exactly like the original filters for the modular-X, so I will skip the detailed explanation this time...
one IMPORTANT difference: The filters don´t like audio rate modulation. I tried before, but they easily get unstable and permanently mute voices. Therefore the cutoff and resonance inputs are resampled at the event rate.

The original (strongly recommended) Replicant by Shohei Sato is here:

Modular-X Framework is great and by Herwig Krass. Check the framework for documentation how to build your own modular within the modular,
more great modules, instructions to build modules, etc: