One Finger Deep House Chords & now Bass/FX Patches

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2.0 SOLO (Updated 5 years ago)
June 13, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


Quote from Mike Huckaby: "man your synth is like a secret weapon" "dangerous"

This synth is designed by Music Producer (XL, Defected, MAW, Strictly Rhythm and more) and Instructor Danny J Lewis for Deep House music producers who want a great selection of authentic and usable presets to put into their tracks

The main USP is the fact that it's monophonic but focused on the creation of chords. Please don't try to play chords yourself, it just won't work that way. All you need to do is choose a chord voicing from the bank list. All of the chord banks contain the same patches but with different voicings.


Don't forget to let me hear what you make with it. Also please be so kind and let the world know you used it on releases. A credit something along the lines of 'created using the Danny J Lewis MPT DEEP SYNTH V2'

Please visit, follow @dannyjlewis on twitter and like


Ricardo Cristelo
1 month ago
Great deep sondsThank you
Daniel Hogan
2 months ago
sounds great
8 months ago
Worth its weight in platinum. A huge plus for my library
2 years ago
Wow Love!!!!
Jayden Richards
3 years ago
Ricky Raisin
3 years ago
Russell Irvine
3 years ago
im getting not a valid file when trying to load the .ens any ideas
Jose Paulo Conrado
4 years ago
Very Good...Download it...and better than that...visit his youtube page Music Production Tutorials learn about the NI softwares...very good can learn about Maschine and Komplete....
Solar Shaman
4 years ago
It really is brilliant, respected Author, Danny Lewis! Thank you very much for such a donation to the spirit of music. I admire both of your tools. This is a very useful stuff for true inspiration!
Craig Bleasdale
4 years ago
Really great stuff. Cheers
Alex Bertrand
4 years ago
Excellent ;)
5 years ago
Always a good time with this. Thanks Danny!
philippe nalet
5 years ago
beautyfull and so deeeeeeeeeep very inspiring thx a lot lot lot lot !
Danny Lewis
5 years ago
This needs a full licensed copy of the latest version of Reaktor to run people.
quentin kane
5 years ago
Every time I load this synth it asks me for an activation code.. I thought it was a free synth, can only seem do run it in demo mode
Sebastrik Trik
5 years ago
Richard, you can use it on Reaktor 5.
Richard Irons
5 years ago
Please could someone tell me how I can download this file. It's a .ens file and can't find any program to open the file. It sounds like a great synth and would appreciate any advice to help me. Many thanks.
Jordan O'Regan
5 years ago
top stuff
kari raps
5 years ago
from RSA nice one...i love it!
Matthew Carter
5 years ago
Thanks bro really liking the synth! Whats the song in the demo track? Killing it Danny :)
Ryan Harold
5 years ago
finally snagged this. big up danny! - Rhek
Jerome de Almeida
5 years ago
Very Nice!
Justin Neofotistos
5 years ago
Fantastic Synth - love using this
Matthew Birtch
5 years ago
Loving it !!!
Johan Brodd
5 years ago
This is what music is all about. Listen to some patches, and boom the track is already in my mind. Load up a few drumkits from Nexus2, and the track's main fixtures is in place within a few moments! Thanks for this awesome ensemble!
Filip Vrchakovski
5 years ago
i`ll definitelly try to make some patches on this and hope you`ll like it .
Scott McKay
5 years ago
Yeah this is excellent. Looking forward to the full version!
Kevin Whelan
5 years ago
Nice One Danny, cool stuff.....
Giorgos Lysigakis
5 years ago
thanks Danny!
Edwin Goodridge
5 years ago
Thanks for a great ensemble!!! Can't wait to see what else you add!!
Antony Pollak
5 years ago
Спасибо большое !!!! Очень нравится !!!!
Danny Lewis
5 years ago
Updated with Maschine Friendly Snapshot Naming. Just make sure you select the correct user path in the maschine library and rescan.
5 years ago
Sounds Amazing thanks!
guido verhelst
5 years ago
Very nice. Thx
Paul Weber
5 years ago
Bravo - well done!! Simple, powerful, musical
5 years ago
Thanks Danny... you´r the man
Gareth Morgan
5 years ago
Cheers Dan, I'm looking forward to playing with this beauty!
Rob van Hees
5 years ago
Insane , thank you Danny !!
Michael Riely
5 years ago
Excellent adjustment to the original released. Perfect for deep and easy to use. Well done, Danny and thank you .
Joel Carlo
5 years ago
Damn Danny... The first MPT synth you made quickly became one of my favorite ensembles, but this one just takes things to a whole new level. One of the most well thought out and executed Reaktor ensembles Ive ever used. Well done and thank you so much for sharing it!