A sound generator triggered by Geiger OSCs.

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1.8 (Updated 5 years ago)
July 14, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


"Molecules" is a simple soundgenerator consisting of 16 OSCs beeing triggered by random geiger OSCs. You can set pitch of each OSC, as you can set the speed of the geigers and their randomnes. Each OSC is following the envelope settings and is sent through a Filter and a Reverb afterwards (these will be customized/replaced later probably).
Intention of "Molecules" was to create more "random" soundscapes then other sound generators or synths are capable of.
Please leave a comment if you want to report a bug or have suggestions.

- New instrument design
- New Logo and Text
- Fixed some levels of old presets
- Added some new Presets
- Added Paule Amca's "Strong black tea" as a default bank (I hope you don't mind)
- Now seriously, it looks way better then before
- Added connection to NSA Database

- More waveforms to choose from
- LFO and MIDI integration (Modwheel and stuff)???
- Lo- and Hi-cut filter separated from the Dist Filter Module
OR: -Replacement of the Distortion Filter with a Simple Filter and a Dist Module without Filter
- Freaky effect: Grain Delay, Bitcrush, S&H or something like that... has to sound awesome and freaky
- Fill Page B with stuff
- Integrated coffee maker
- Marmite
- In-built flight simulator
- Maybe something awesome

- Removed ALPHA from version number
- Added two Displays: Frequency and Phase for fanciness
- Reduced CPU Usage
- Added Output Limiter
- New Design Layout for Knobs and Faders
- Removed a̦͖̝̣̲̳͊̑͋s̤̼̣̗̲̱̟̮̈ͤ͋͑̋͊ď͓̰̠̣͕͔͎̲́̌̎ͩ̈́̋ h̻͉͂ͫ̓͗ͯͨ͆̑́͝g̴̢̭͓ͧ͒̃ ̧͓̗̟͇̟͕̪̱̽̊̿̓̈́̒ͭ̍ͮ͞ ̸̼͖̺͉͉̝̖̜͂̌̇ͦ̇ͫ͋ư͙̾̒̾̄j̛̼̲̺̖̋̆ͅi̧̟͍̹̙̰̯͂́ͧ̍̈͂̔͘f̴̩̘͈̮̹͇̆͂͋̄̕͢
- New Logo

1.6 ALPHA:
- Attempt at new design: Color, faders, buttons, knobs


Mark Bonnington
4 years ago
I really like this. Some suggestions though... have both a Master Volume and Snap Volume. Master Volume would stay the same when moving from snap to snap, Snap Volume would do what the Master Volume is currently doing. Also, you might want to select the interface and turn on "Set As Master", so that the snap navigation will be easier.
Eduard Telik
5 years ago
I would love to hear tracks and/or music featuring "Molecules", don't hesitate posting them :)
andreas haun
5 years ago
very very nice. wish i could do this !
5 years ago
It's a hell of strange noise. A midi gate would be cool ie. a keyboard integration to control it. THX a lot :)
Eduard Telik
5 years ago
Thank you all for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will see if I can reduce the CPU usage in the next Update, same with the gain issues.
Sandy Small
5 years ago
Interesting ensemble, I quite like it. I have a few suggestions--I see no reason the filter and reverb need to be polyphonic, so you can cut CPU usage by nearly 2/3 by putting those in mono; it is also a bit more efficient to replace the three mixers between the oscs and the filter with a single adder. If it were me, I think I'd replace all those individual pitch controls with an event table or something a little less cumbersome to for thought anyway. Great work!
Paul Harding
5 years ago
excellent but serious gain issues on some presets turn them down!
5 years ago
Eduard, thanks for the off switch on reverb. The GUI looks icy! Good in hot summer times.
Ng Mui
5 years ago
keep it up, sounds interesting!
5 years ago
Eduard, it sounds quiet good when you delete Micro Space and you save 10% cpu usage. Thanks.
Felix Petrescu
5 years ago
quite a good start:)