Record crackle/hiss/thump sample player for Reaktor.

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1.1 (Updated 4 years ago)
July 15, 2014
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Platter is a 4-channel record crackle sample player.

128 record runouts recorded on an SL-1200 Mk2.
Pitch and volume per channel.
Master LP/HP filter.
On/Off/MIDI Gate.

I hope you find it useful for all your Burial ripoff tracks.

Update v.1.1.
Added Rick Scott's eZ randoMize macro to the ensemble. Click the button above the master volume (left side) to randomize the everything. Turn the knob above the master volume (right side) to change the amount of randomization.


1 year ago
Jacob Bell
3 years ago
Thank you so much for making this! This is my go-to source for vinyl record noise/crackle sounds. Although I have numerous vinyl crackle/scratches samples -and even several plugins that provide the vinyl effect, Platter wins every time! "intuitive user interface" describes the UI but more importantly, "Intuitive user experience" describes the resulting UX. All the elements (from design and sound) are woven together nicely! A true pleasure to use! Solid work and thank you!
Joris Holtackers
4 years ago
Most realistic turntable/vinyl sound available.. many thanks for making this available!! Would be even more amazing if the randoMize function could be set to automatically randomise in a given time interval. Keep up the great work!
Tyler Ambrosius
4 years ago
burial ripoff tracks lmao
John Squibb
5 years ago
Great samples, nice simple interface. Well done, and thanks!
6 years ago
I must have been drunk when I wrote my own description. Sorry david. :-/
6 years ago
david, not sure what you're implying but there are no Burial or Basic Channel "rips" or "bites" in this at all.
david brymer
7 years ago
haha Burial rip offs....maybe some Basic Channel bites too
Chris R Gibson
7 years ago
Fantastic, thank you very much…features very well thought out and implemented. I added 'eZ randoMize' and choice snap/random isolates along with a custom sequencer for endless variations ;-)
Ng Mui
7 years ago
Wow, thanks a lot for this one, more than useful. Speechless and impressed!
Lars Bo Hermansen
7 years ago
That was a useful thing missing in Komplete. Right to the point and nice and simple too. That's a Platter. Or four for the DJ. Heavy. Thanks a lot.