Molecules Redux

A few tweaks to Molecules' internals.

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1.8 (Updated 6 years ago)
July 24, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


For the sake of efficiency, I consolidated the numerous parallel structures in the oscillator and display sections into single polyphonic structures. I also swapped out the 16 individual pitch knobs (which I found a little clumsy to use) for a table.
Because of the interface change, this isn't 100% compatible with snapshots from the original/legitimate version, although I've updated the built-in snaps (and, mostly for my own convenience, tucked away a macro in the oscillator section that will write the knob values into the table)


Michael Bourne
4 years ago
Way to go Sandy !! more please
David DeLizza
6 years ago
YES! YES! I Feel like the dude in the old Maxell tape ads. Holy scheiße! This is sick! 5 stars, voted
Eduard Telik
6 years ago
Holy Moley, great job o:
Ng Mui
6 years ago
Ah sorry for double post now, am I listening to GRE's concerning the pitch "on" buttons or can this be smoothed out?
Ng Mui
6 years ago
nice work