A 4-OSC Synth with advanced OSC modes.

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1.2 (Updated 6 years ago)
July 30, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


Buried out from an ensemble I started making last year. It was too CPU intensive (30-40%) but due to recent explorations I was capable to revive it.

- 4 Oscillators with selectable standard waveforms and featuring custom sound generating modes:
• Sine, Square, Saw and Triangle (standard stuff)
• ND: Noise-Delay Mode: A Tone is generated by sending white noise through a delay loop, causing a sound similar to a bowed or plucked string. This mode needs the SideENV section to control the amount of noise.
• NF: Noise-Filter Mode: A tone is generated by sending white noise through a resonating Peak-Filter, creating a more or less steady single tone. The "TONE" knob changes the resonance of the filter, thus changing the sound.
• Sqr-Sin: A test wave, where a square wave is subtracted with a sine wave.
• HyperSaw: Simply two Saw OSCs with a specific detune amount, which is controlled by the "TONE" knob.'

- Each OSC has an inbuilt Filter module with LP, HP or BP function.
- Effect Section on Page B with: Reverb - Delay - S&H.
- 4 external LFOs and ENV: Most of the modules in the OSCs as in the EFX section can be modified by them. For this there is a list under the to be modified knob, as an amount fader.
- Additional to the LFOs and ENV you can choose the MODWHEEL or AFTERTOUCH as modifier.
- 51 first Snapshot presets.

DISCLAIMER: Bugs and stuff, you know. Also I might get into making a design for that one.


Patrick Charles-Lundaahl
5 years ago
Nice work on the noise-delay mode! It makes for some super fun bright & metallic sounds at low notes - kind of like FM, but brighter. I think the filter in the noise-filter mode must be pretty unstable, but I'm definitely into the idea. Nice work!
S Bateman
6 years ago
Same problem here some presets causing audio freeze Sounds great though!
Ng Mui
6 years ago
Some presets are still causing trouble, they make me have to restart audio.