Simple kick roll tool

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August 06, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Retrigger is a very basic sampler with gate repeater that allows to make interesting (drum) roll sounds. It features 2 individual samplers (1 for left and 1 for right) which are (re)triggered at the rates set in the Retrigger Frequency. There are 5 curve points with a selectable BPM value. A 'snap' option is available to allow for 5 discreet values without interpolation between the curve points. A High Pass filter with resonance is provided to create a smooth rolloff at high frequencies. The Retrigger Frequency knob modulates the HP filter frequency, this modulation is hardwired internally.
The mixer/panner has a stereo spread parameter, ranging from full stereo to mono. The Pan parameter allows for traditional left -to-right panning and the 'Center' channel volume can be adjusted (0 dB to -32 dB).

To replace the embedded samples, open up Sample Map Editor [F9], select Sampler Left and replace the sample. Repeat for Sampler Right.

Retrigger was developed to create fast kick rolls typical to darker breeds of psytrance but can easily be used to create a more moderate kick, drum or snare roll for other musical genres. At very high Retrigger Frequencies it is also suitable to make riser/downer sounds.

J. Van Hove © 2014


Joeri Van Hove
4 years ago
@Michael, it should be possible to use an input buffer as sound source but I am not intending to create this in the short term. There are other (VST) plugins that are well equiped for that purpose. Personally I am a fan of Audio Damage's Replicant 2.
Michael Dunn
4 years ago
This is great, I've been looking for a simple retrigger plugin for a while now and all the options I found where either overkill or they didn't do exactly what I want. I wonder if it is possible to adjust this to work as an effect and take the input buffer as the sample to retrig ?
Joeri Van Hove
6 years ago
@Leonardo, I have no idea, try and found out :)
Leonardo Sants
6 years ago
Can I use it with Reaktor 6 player (free version) ?
Gotthard Ortner
8 years ago
Sorry, i found it..... :(
Gotthard Ortner
8 years ago
Very very cool. Sounds amazing. But how i can change the Sample?