Pure T3be

Simple synth based on vocal synthesis

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2.2 (Updated 2 years ago)
August 09, 2014
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Pure T3be is a simplification and upgrade of my old Tube synth. Spotting a new GUI, an VOSIM oscillator, a simplified Vocal-Tract Synthesis filter and a smooth HP filter, Pure T3be seek the foundation of vocal based synthesis for ordinary leads, bass and pads. It can as well be used as a sound effect, either standalone or blended in with the oscillator.

As this is based upon physical modelling of a variable tube form, serious feedback issues may naturally arise and one should use it with care and a steady hand on the gain control.

The sound example showcase a bass and a lead from the presets of Pure T3be. The drums in it are made with Steven Slate Drums.

Version 1.1:
-Fixed a bug with two bands in wrong place in the tube filter.
-Minor GUI changes.

Version 1.2:
-Minor optimizations.

Version 2.0:
-Added an extended version with a simple multiband LFO for the tube filter.

Version 2.1:
-New GUI

Version 2.2:
-Minor optimizations.


Rulgert Ghostalker
2 years ago
i am going to try this on my baritone guitar...it seems like a good sounding capable and complex filter, even if i am just going for classic mutilator type effects, its still good to have some different realms to stretch into and experiment... thanks Anders!
John Smith
3 years ago
Just looking at the name I thought this was some sort of 303 thing... So boy was I surprised when I actually loaded it up! After mapping to a controller and wiggling around a few things I really like what you've made here. It's different and it can produce some pretty cool noises. I even let my daughter get on the mic and play around with it as an effect, it can get pretty dangerous :-D
Anders Haugen
7 years ago
Thank you for your words. I have had in mind LFO modulations, both for controlling the filters but also for utilizing the alternative allpass filters inside it (modulation of a simple band may make some really interesting voicelike sound so). The possibilities are there, so possible in a future version. For this version I went for the simplicity with lesser features. When it comes to a limiting function, I considered issue a warning about the natural feedback which can occur when sending sound into a tubeform of variable forms, but decided to not do it. I may have been wrong in this. For a limiting function I would consider it too for a future version, and until then I recommend the gain riding principle of using the gain for controlling the volume, and the emphasis HP filter for cutting down on high spikes. Best Regards, Anders.
Paul Weber
7 years ago
This is a very interesting noisetraption!! I would challenge you to create a version with some kind of control over the Tube filters - what do I know... LFOs maybe or something like a pataphysical based sequencer. From a purely safety related issue maybe also include a volume limiter on the output as some combinations can be loud and "spiky". Ciao Paul