Synth1/NordLead style synth completely controllable with BCR

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1.5 (Updated 5 years ago)
August 12, 2014
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I wanted to have a simple and effective synth that I can completely control from my BCR2000 without touching the mouse (including FX). The concept is based on the Synth1 VST by Daichi, which is based on the Nord Lead.
So it's basically a quite simple Nord Lead emulation without the multi-effect and arpeggiator, but with unisono for oscillator 1 and slightly enhanced features.

The effects are taken from "herw modular x framework" by Herwig Krass, the drive function of the filter is from "Numalik III" by pierre-andre soulier.

Skin templates for your BCR are included in various formats, as well as the sysex file and links to the original template I used and a working freeware editor for the BCR2000. If you can't use the sysex file for some reason, you can use factory preset 1 and only have to change the function of some buttons to cycle through the according options.

V1.4 features:
- 2 main VCOs and one Sub VCO
- VCO1 has Unisono and FM, FM can be switched between linear frequency modulation and pitch modulation in semitones (FM/PM)
- VCO2 can be ring modulated and synced
- an AD mod envelope and two LFOs can modulate a series of targets

Unisono of VCO1 can now be switched off, the detune knob then just detunes VCO1 in cent. I hoped this would save a bit of CPU, but it doesn't make too much of a difference... might be useful for 3-osc-type-sounds.

V 1.5: I have changed something with the modulation routing some time ago, which wasn't working in the right range... also added modulation for drive
This should be the final version where everything is working out right.


Sam Mover
4 years ago
Nigel Taylor
4 years ago
Nice, thanks for the work..
Josep Mª Ricou
4 years ago
Very Nice , gracias
Matthias Schaffner
5 years ago
the sysex file for bcr is not completely up to date... if anyone uses it with a bcr2000 you might have to change the step value of the mod destination buttons (AD and LFOs)
David Frappaz
5 years ago
Very nice synth, thanks a lot!