Double Granular Sampler with Effect Bank

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1.0 (Updated 7 years ago)
August 14, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Two identical granular samplers with an FX box of 4 effects (pitch/dist/delay/verb). This is made specifically for my performances using a Microsoft Surface (touchscreen tablet) so its a little confusing. Its already a very outdated version, but this is the most user friendly I have for now. Any tips/comments would be appreciated!

Scrub through samples. I suggest putting in long samples. For the sake of keeping file size down, I put in small samples.

* White controls at bottom right of Shifter are the volume (horizontal fader) and granular start/stop (white circle)
* Red dots at left side of the Shifter let you select from 5 loaded samples.
* Numbers let you change octave.
* Waveform controls are: x=position y=selection size.
* Red controls to right of waveform allow you to record your scrub movement (red circle) and play it back (red triangle). Red fader lets you control speed of your recorded movements.

* FX controls are mostly done by the xy pad. Switch between the four fx using the icons on the left side of the FX unit. The four fx are:
1 - pitch shift (white circle=on/off; x=grain size; y=wet/dry; +2 oct -2oct)
2 - distortion (white circle=on/off; x=dist amnt; y=freq)
3 - delay (slider=delay amnt; x=wet amnt; y=feedback)
4 - reverb (x=time; y=wet amnt)

The red fader at the right of the FX unit is the final volume after the fx.



Greg Killmaster
4 years ago
This is very great! Thank you! Still playing with it all these years later!
gordon ilae
4 years ago
GreatFUN! THanks for SharinG
yannick Le Déan
7 years ago
cool one ! thanks to share
Doron Sadja
7 years ago
Ag! I tried fixing the empty sample map.... Unfortunately its twice the size now, but may make a little more sense for getting started.
Stefan Lang
7 years ago
Stefan Lang Fantastic! Although when loading the instrument, the sample map was not found, I was forced to use own samples.! Sounds so great for textures, Pads and atmospheres.
7 years ago
Also thanks!