Antlertron Digital Synthesizer

Subtractive/Additive Synthesizer by Memorecks

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James Peck
2.8 (Updated 6 years ago)
September 21, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower


Vintage/modern hybrid synthesizer with over 50 original presets

3 Dynamic Wave Oscillators (2 in Audio Path, 1 as Modulator) /with
-Continuous waveform control between Sin, Triangle and Saw waves
-Dual waveform sub oscillator (Sin + Pulse) with octave control and normalized PWM
-Normalized waveform modulation with adjustable LFO
-Built-in pitch drift

3 ADSR Envelopes

4-Pole Resonant Low Pass Ladder Filter /with
-Normalized multiwave LFO
-Independant ADSR envelope
-Frequency drift control
-Saturation and keytracking

Modulation Matrix
-Sends oscillator 3 to multiple input sources
-Filter modulation
-Self modulation/feedback

Multimode Filter
-Because why not

-Does not sound very good

Mixer /w multiple output stages

Oscilloscope/Level Meters

Not very CPU optimized right now.


1 year ago
it's a nice synth aside from the fact the filter resonance killed my ears
Peter Lersch
4 years ago
julien Berzi
4 years ago
Boards of canada ! good job
Zach S
4 years ago
Fantastic! Great work as always.
Tyler Midkiff
6 years ago
This is the best free ensemble I've downloaded. Has deep character. Good work!
Mark Bonnington
6 years ago
Love it!
Vlad N
6 years ago
sounds great! thanx, bro
Diego Callegari
6 years ago
Thanks for sharing it