Cloud 9 Reverb v1.2

Improved algorithm with new features and a snug interface.

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Bryan Lake
1.2 (Updated 6 years ago)
September 27, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


I spent several months trying to nail down the perfect algorithm. Well, this isn't it, but it's the best design I've managed to come up with thus far. It's predecessor is more economic, hitting the ceiling at 12% CPU, while version 1.2 pushes 16% with the "Signal Gate" module engaged.

In addition to a slightly more complex feedback network, Cloud 9 v1.2 features separate diffusion controls for both Early and Late Reflections, an "Offset" control that basically staggers the predelay times from left to right, which produces more realistic early reflections.

"ER Damping" is somewhat self explanatory, with controls for "Low", "Mid" and "High" Shelf EQ modules, whereas "LR Filter" is just a simple 1-pole Highpass and Lowpass filter in series.

Another interesting feature is a "Dry/Wet" knob, bypassing the feedback network completely when turned all the way down, literally switching off the entire reverb effect, allowing only the dry signal to pass through unaffected.

The "Signal Gate" module has three modes, the first being the simplest: The incoming audio is translated as a gate signal with a linear amplitude value of 0-1 that triggers an Attack and Release envelope throttling the incoming (unreverberated) dry signal.

When "Tail" is engaged, the envelope attenuates only the outgoing (reverberated) signal. When "Choke" is engaged, the entire signal chain, both dry and wet, are manipulated by the envelope, allowing for volume swells when the "Hold" button is either manually pressed or triggered by your midi keyboard's sustain pedal.

These parameters allow for a more dynamic control over the diffuser chain, resulting in a more useful and versatile reverb tailored for live performance and production, with a manageable size and tolerable CPU hit.

I had fun making it. Have fun using it :)

-- Bryan Lake


John Taylor
1 year ago
Having fun using it. Sounds fantastic. Making some super large reverb with this, thank you!
Jason Chen
1 year ago
Really cool,thanks bro
matty Krosschell
5 years ago
love it made a macro fro reactor 6 with it
Lesly Remy
6 years ago
What folder do I put this in??
Daniel Hogan
6 years ago
Great work Bryan. \m/ :)
Bryan Lake
6 years ago
I forget to mention this reverb sits nicely next to Big Pappa :D
6 years ago
Really great sounding reverb! There are some amazing halls in the presets. I've been searching for Lexicon-like halls and here they are. Cloud 9 is challenging the top reverbs out there.
Bryan Lake
6 years ago
Bitte schön :)
Dieter Zobel
6 years ago
das klingt. vielen dank.