HWControl Module Examples

Hardware Control module examples for builders

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1.0 (Updated 6 years ago)
October 01, 2014
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Here are two example ensembles showing how to control the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-series LEDs and key properties from Reaktor.

HWControl_BasicUse.ens - can be used with an S-series keyboard to directly control the key LED colours and note properties.

HWControl_KB-LED-Simulator.ens - includes a keyboard LED simulator instrument so that you can test your Reaktor HWControl messages without having an S-series keyboard.


Sound Team
4 years ago
Herr Pank is the best!
Michael Bailey
5 years ago
Does anyone know how I integrate HWControl into my own Kontakt instruments?
Gwydion ap Dafydd
6 years ago
@Christian The documentation for the HWControl module is directly in the Reaktor 5 Manual Addendum (version 5.9.1 or 5.9.2).
Christian Miekus
6 years ago
Regarding reports in the forum, the ZIP contained a documentation. Why was that removed? I hoped this download would help to learn how integrade the lightguide into a custom ensemble. But without any docu this download is pretty much useless. Please "fix" that!